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Do you need another reason to live in Jaco? Apr 23

Here is an article or blurb from the website talking about why expats are moving to Costa Rica in droves. This mass exodus is not limited to Costa Rica, most Central American states including Belize, Nicaragua, and Panama are seeing huge numbers of expats moving abroad to avoid the crushing economy and rampant regulation.  Below is a copy of the article from her site and best of all you get a free ebook!

Costa Rica has long been known as the country for expats to seek refuge from their home countries. Unfortunately, most we hear about or read about are criminals and that does not bode well with Costa Ricans or Expats in general.

Great talk and pontifical orations by Costa Rican government officials about their own bankrupt country creates an even greater lure for hard cash investors, retirees, and corporations seeking to shelter themselves from the US big brother clamp down on extracting every single penny(centavo) from its citizens. more…

US Army in Costa Rica Jul 05

There have been strong reactions these last few weeks after it was announced that The Congress was deciding upon the arrival of 46 US in Costa Rica.

The authorization was given to 46 ships to  stay along the Costa Rican coast was given yesterday and they will keep on arriving until the 31st of December of this year, in an effort to fight the drug trafficking and to work in human aid. The ships fleet could contain as many as 200 helicopters and planes and as many as 7000 marines and we will have to get used to see them wandering around the country wearing their uniforms. They will be free to go as they please, entering and leaving the country as easily as if they were Costa Ricans, and this is sure to raise many eyebrows.

The ships will be sure to change the look of horizon, measuring up to 135metres and the capacity to transport two Black Hawk helicopters and 200 marines and 15 officials each. While sipping a Tequila Sunrise it will now be possible to watch helicopters chase the pelicans and Marines play with the Dolphins. more…

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Iron Maiden comes to Costa Rica Jun 30

iron-maiden-concert-banner-costa-ricaIron Maiden’s world tour has added Costa Rica to their list of tour locations. The concert is planned for March 3rd and is their second time visiting Costa Rica. Last years reception for the legendary hard rock band was spectacular. The fans sold out the show and the groups was overwhelmed with their Central American reception. Many rock bands pass up countries in Central America because of logistics and lack of historical data of fan support. In February 2008 Iron Maiden took the chance to play in Costa Rica, but this year they need not worry about predicting the concerts attendance because it was sold out a few days after the tickets went on sale. more…

iron maiden banner
Another Costa Rican Earthquake Rocks Jaco Jun 27

Just after everyone was getting back to normal after this mornings earthquake, and a little aftershock another big earthquake this afternoon got those nerves jumping again. This time it is the same region but slightly inland, so I am not sure if this is an aftershock or a separate plate displaced by the this mornings event. So far they have given this one a 5.9 magnitude.

Again, this quake had the un-nerving lateral movement like you are walking on a hanging bridge. These two big quakes have been smooth in the sense of the lateral movement would slow down when it reached the edge of the wave and then return in a smooth way. The earthquake on Jan. 8th was lateral but very short and rapid lateral movements which is very damaging. Any surfer who has had a big wave close on them and put them through the “rinse cycle” knows what the fast lateral movements feel like.

Here is the map location of the latest:

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costa rica earthquake july 2011,earthquake jaco
Earthquake Hits Pacific Coast in Costa Rica Jun 26

UPDATE: New reports indicate that the magnitude was 5.7 but USGS said it was 5.9

Around 11:25 Central America time, a long and powerful earthquake rocked the surfing beach town of Jaco, Costa Rica. This quake was a very powerful lateral slide that moved near 6 inches back and forth. When the earthquake hits, I ran outside to see all of the electrical poles swaying back and forth along with people running out of their homes.

Costa Rica was hit by a powerful quake on Jan. 8th which was a 6.1, this one felt much more powerful than that and was of much longer duration. This quake was definitely in the making because for the past week there was small lateral movements each day. Currently the news is stating this is the same magnitude that hits us in January.

Check back for more details, you can see the location of the quake epicenter below.
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