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Low-Season Travel Jul 03

Low-Season Travel
Get the most out of your summer vacation by hitting these hot spots when their business is cool

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High tide for the new wave of UK surfers Jul 02

High tide for the new wave of UK surfers
It is usually around Junction 17, heading south-west on the M5, that you begin to notice it.

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Learn to surf in Costa Rica! Jul 02

The magic of surfing in Costa Rica!

Surfing is a unique experience that can be considered both an art form and an athletic pursuit. It is a lifestyle and a great recreational activity that is not only a lot of fun but also promotes physical fitness, great health, alleviates and relieves stress.

Caught up in fast-paced lives of the new millennium, surfing is the ultimate way to get back into touch with nature. Surfing requires that you focus on the moment and as a result, all the stress from that fast-paced life is left on land.

You know the scene, you are laying on the beach on vacation watching the beginner surfers wipe out and fall on their butts. And the secret truth is, you wish you were one of them. You have always wanted to surf and have always been too scared to try. But surfing can be a great sport, and no matter how uncoordinated you are, with the right training, you too can learn to surf.

Most importantly, don’t be embarrassed. You are going to fall… a lot. You will likely be in a high traffic area and tons of people will see you fall. Don’t be self conscious. Everyone has been there and it’s just the first step in your learning. Don’t expect to be perfect right off the bat. Surfing is very difficult and requires skills that you have never used before (and muscles too), you will improve, but you need to give yourself time. Learning to surf can be one of the most difficult things you do in your life, but it can also be one of the most rewarding.

So you’re in sunny Costa Rica, you’re surrounded by a lush rain-forest. The lapping waves of pristine beaches await your attention. Perfect for beginners to those with more intermediate skills. Experienced surf instructors have probably chased waves all over the world and know exactly how to teach you the skills of catching a wave in a safe and fun way. If you have no experience with surfing, no problem there’s no better place in the world to learn!!

Marieke Spaan is from the Netherlands but now lives in Costa Rica and owns of surf / yoga camp. Lucero Surf Retreats.

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Jair Perez wins first round of 2009-2010 Costa Rica surf circuit Jun 24

daystar-surf-copamangoJaco, COSTA RICA December 20, 2009 – After a final that he dominated from the start, Jair Pérez won the first date of the Circuito Nacional de Surf DayStar called Copa Mango in his hometown of Jaco. Placing in front of the Puerto Viejan Gilbert Brown, the surfer from Montezuma Matías Braun, and Jaco’s Anderson Tascon, Pérez surpassed the expectations of his opponents by earning the highest points on a stunning right. Pérez, who was the leader during the first 12 minutes of the final with more than 13 points combined, then happened to lock-in the heat at minute 16 with that last right wave earning 8 points improving his results and making it impossible for anyone to catch him. With this win in Jaco, “the small giant of Latin America” gains his second Circuit Open 1st place trophy, the first being a 2008-2009 date in Nosara. Pérez scored an important Asociacion of Latinamericana Surfing (ALAS) Latin Pro Tour win in 2008, also in Jaco. For that date, he won $4,000. “The truth is I do not know how they let only me surf in that right that broke perfect and until the border. more…

Carlos Munoz blazes in Billabong’s World Surfing Games Jun 23

munozDespite the heavy pressure from surfing powerhouses like Venezuela, the little, almost unknown 16 year old surfer from Esterillos Carlos Muñoz moved his way into a possible title position at the Billabong World Surfing Games in Playa Hermosa Costa Rica yesterday.

The weather conditions have ranged from scalding sunshine to raining like cats and dogs, along with surfing heats taking place in both high and low tides, Muñoz received two interference calls in two consecutive heats and still win. This is something that is almost impossible to get interference and then go on to win the heat is incredible. more…

carlos munoz surfer
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