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WSG Opening draws huge crowd in Jaco Jun 22

opening-games-wsg-girls320A giant Parade of the Surfing Nations began the opening ceremonies of the Billabong ISA World Surfing Games at Jaco Beach this morning. In full “Olympic” style, over 34 nations in bright uniforms and flags flying, followed a colorful Costa Rican marching band down the main street of town, to the exited cheers of thousands posted along the parade route.

The parade finished in the Park of Jaco. There, ISA President, Fernando Aguerre, along with the Chief of the Costa Rican Tourism Department, Carlos Ricardo Benavidez, the Mayor of Garabito, Marvin Eliondo, the Manager of the ICE Group, Pedro Pablo Quiroz and the President of the Surfing Federation of Costa Rica, Jose Ureña, spoke in front of an enormous crowd of competitors and public. Billabong´s Marketing Vice-President Graham Stapelberg joined them. more…

jaco costa rica girls
Surf Contest Website in Hot Water Jun 20

isa-billabong-world-surfing-games-2009Recently, we took notice of a website which is relatively new. I don’t imagine the site has much of a future since it is dedicated to the upcoming ISA Billabong World Surfing Games here in Costa Rica this August. The site has been under a coordinated attack by the Costa Rica surfing federation which is the organizer of the WSG 2009 and the ISA, which is the association that gives credence to the awards the games issue, along with the surfer rankings.

This site has been interested for some time in posting information about the surfing games but like the site has not been able to find any new information about the games. Apparently, they are being asked to remove logos which does not seem like a big deal but according to the website the logos they are being accused of using are not anywhere on the site. We notice that no mention of the sites intention to provide information about the surfing event is recognized or appreciated. more…

Why did we not know Marisa Miller was here? Jun 19

Costa Rica has plenty of deserted beaches but one would think that with a top model coming here, one of the surfers would have heard about it and spread the news. I found this video by accident while getting Surf in Jaco ready to begin postings about our own Costa Rica champion surfer, Gilbert Brown. Enjoy the video and check back next week for stories and videos about Gilbert Brown.

Costa Rica is the preferred surf destination Jun 17


On and on and in ever increasing numbers to justify their existance ICT or the Costa Rica Tourism Institute, released more statistics today that says “Costa Rica is increasingly a surfing destination for international travellers seeking a surf vacation. ” Does anyone find this odd? Where have the “officials” at ICT been living? I know where, at the lavish tourism shows being wined and dined by somebody and in turn wining and dining someone else. In the perpetual international wine and dine circuit where nothing gets done but the appearance of being busy and on a tight schedule.

Lucky for most of the ethical people and “international travellers” we did not have to rely on ICT to tell us about Costa Rica’s surfing opportunities. Nor did Billabong who has sponsored their first ISA World Surfing Games scheduled to take place in Playa Hermos, Costa Rica this summer.  Imagine what Costa Rica would have turned into if not for the wine and dine circuit participants of ICT figuring out that Costa Rica is a surfing mecca. Maybe they want to get their hands on some of the cash that will be flowing for a period of ten days during the World Surfing Games or maybe they needed another reason to join a different wine and dine circuit. more…

Reef ALAS Latin Pro Surf Contest passed this weekend Jun 04

Even though it is touted at the biggest event to hit Jaco, for me it was a disappointment. The biggest event which was filled with drunk and rowdy ticos was the Chica Reef contest. This is really the main event and gets away from the basics IMHO.

Once chica contests were for chica surfers, now it is filled with professional models who know nothing about surfing. But if this is what you wanted to see, you certainly got your fill. La Teja which is a blue collar newspaper which always posts a “model” on the front page, showcased the contest. This just goes to show the nature of this contest. Billabong, RedBull, and QuickSilver host better events and it mostly focused on the surfing and the surfers. If you want more information about the contest you can check here it is in Spanish but you can get the idea. Surfing is international.

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