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Surf Alert: Jaco Beach St. Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl Mar 15

Story from The Jaco Blog Its that time of year again and now for the first time we are publishing the official Jaco Beach Bar Crawl for St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday, March 17, 2013 All Day, All Over Jaco! Come out and celebrate with drink and food specials.

The 1st Annual St. Patricks Day barcrawl in Jaco Beach is a grassroots event and is depending on all the lushes in Jaco to come out and get hammered on Sunday. Here is a list that Vanessa put together to be used as a guide for the crowds to drink and walk together throughout Jaco enjoying each bar’s drink specials and food. more…

Add Jaco Segway tours to Stand Up Paddle surfing in Jaco Nov 18

Jaco Segway ToursFor pura vida purists and locals here in Jaco Costa Rica, seeing someone ride a wave using a stand up paddle board and then a Segway PT gliding along the beach, they must be thinking they are in another world. Originally posted here: It is unlike anything you have ever seen before, Jaco Segway tours using Segway personal transporters gliding along Pastor Diaz in Jaco. Not the usual ATV tours with a caravan of people roaring off to some mountain trails but 1 or 2 Segway gliders moving along silently heading off to ??, well we do not know. According to the new site which is offering Jaco Segway tours,, they are offering tours of Jaco Beach and Los Suenos. more…

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Minister drops Jaco mayor’s wave during high tide Aug 12

Talk about dropping other surfers waves: the Costa Rica dropped on Mayor Marvin’s longest left in his life. He has been helping Jaco grow since 2006 and anyone who has visited here knows infrastructure keeps getting better and better. How can the Costa Rican government justify its actions when there are violent criminals on the streets in Jaco, Herradura and in their own backyard San Jose?

Read this campfire stomper from the Ministry of Transparency  and copied from the Jaco blog:

The Deputy Prosecutor of Probity, Transparency and Corruption, in conjunction with the Judicial Investigation Organization  (OIJ), today arrested the mayor, deputy mayor, the head of the Municipal Police, the municipal provider and a private attorney during a raid that took place in offices of the municipality of Garabito in Jaco Costa Rica. more…

Jaco Beach Art Festival 2011 is another hit! Feb 07

Jaco Beach Art FestivalAfter what was a horrible first year, the organizers of the Jaco Beach Art Festival have learned from their lessons. The festival is much better organized and now geared both towards ticos and visitors alike. Originally, it was 100% for ticos but in 2008 ticos were not coming to Jaco like they are today. The new highway from Ciudad Colon to Caldera has allowed the trip time to be reduced by almost half given good conditions. This is both a blessing and a curse for Jaco Costa Rica but that is for another posting, suffice to say that many nationals would not make the trip to Jaco if it was not as easy as it is now. more…

Jaco Beach Crime Tombstone Style Jan 26

Costa Rica Police StationSo much has been in the news about violence in Mexico tourist towns that there is a heightened awareness of Jaco Beach crime and violence taking place in all tourist locations. As with all advertising driven news organizations, wherever there is drama to reveal that can drum up Neilsen ratings a story will be told. It does not matter if the story is out of context or pigeonholing Jaco is the result. With all of the emails asking about the safety here in Jaco and what the murders in recent weeks have been about, we will try at least to lay it out what is known around town and not in the new media.

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