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Top Costa Rican Surf Spot Nosara Video Jun 19

Many people have been asking about what the town of Nosara or Playa Guiones look like. Here is a brief video of the town and its beach that is a favorite surf spot for everyone who visits Costa Rica. Thanks to Maluca Videos for yet another quality video. 

Surf Video Tamarindo Costa Rica Jun 18

Surf in Jaco has long promised to post videos of the hottest spots in Costa Rica, well this week we are finally able to get that accomplished for you. Maluca Videos is providing us with top-notch quality videos to play on this site. In the coming weeks we will have other surf spots and feature videos of tico surfers.

In the video we are showing you what it is like to be in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. This beach town is know throughout the world as a fun place to party, surf, and surf. Up and down this area you can find many area to surf where it is not congested with the flocks of girls and tourist; both nationals and international. Tamarindo is a great places to visit on your Costa Rican surf vacation. Check out the video to get a glimpse of what Tamarindo Costa Rica is like.


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Street Crossing in Costa Rica Jun 18

This has to be the best video produced in a long time about Costa Rica. Many thanks to Peter Krupa for producing this.

New feature – funny forum posts related to surfing Jun 06

Scouring the net for fresh content and key questions that surfers are asking, I often find funny and crazy things surfers do or say. I accept that what I think is funny might not seem funny to you but I will give it a go and see how this feature pans out.

If you have a funny posting and want to share it, add it to comments under this post.

First one is about one surfers solution to cold weather wet suit changing and surf breaks between sessions. Check out the comments to this surfers great idea. Note: not all of us are fortunate to have tropical weather to surf in and many prefer the waves in these areas.
First post

Second one is blooper but funny.
Second post

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Insane costs of traveling with your surf board Jun 05

Long before the hike in fuel prices and airlines charged alot money to travel with your surf boards. Arriving safely, then you had to get them to the beach intact whether you rented a car or caught the bus. Then you add the factor of lugging them around from baggage to rental car or bus, etc along with your clothes and crap. It is a big time hassle and for me has put a dent in the journey many times.

Living in Jaco, Costa Rica I no longer really need to worry about this adventure but HOLY COW for the people are visiting today the “extra fuel surcharges” for surf boards is INSANE!! I have been waiting to videotape Chuck Herwig who owns Chuck’s W.O.W. Surf here in Jaco to begin discussing travel tips for surfers. more…

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