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US Army in Costa Rica Jul 05

There have been strong reactions these last few weeks after it was announced that The Congress was deciding upon the arrival of 46 US in Costa Rica.

The authorization was given to 46 ships to  stay along the Costa Rican coast was given yesterday and they will keep on arriving until the 31st of December of this year, in an effort to fight the drug trafficking and to work in human aid. The ships fleet could contain as many as 200 helicopters and planes and as many as 7000 marines and we will have to get used to see them wandering around the country wearing their uniforms. They will be free to go as they please, entering and leaving the country as easily as if they were Costa Ricans, and this is sure to raise many eyebrows.

The ships will be sure to change the look of horizon, measuring up to 135metres and the capacity to transport two Black Hawk helicopters and 200 marines and 15 officials each. While sipping a Tequila Sunrise it will now be possible to watch helicopters chase the pelicans and Marines play with the Dolphins. more…

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Shrimp Fishing and Permethrin? Jul 05

small-shrimp-fishing-boatWhat does Shrimp fishing and permethrin have to do with surfing? Well, nothing and everything. We surf in the ocean where the shrimp live. Many surfers here in Costa Rica have favorite surf spots that are located at the mouths of the many rivers that feed the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. In nature, Shrimp love the river mouths because they bring food that the shrimp love to eat.

What we just found out today is that the Costa Rican government has taken away the privilege of veterinarians to sell permethrin. “Why would they do this?” we asked.  It appears that shrimp fisherman have been using the insecticide to kill shrimp in the ocean as an easier way to collect the shrimp rather by traditional means. It also appears that the Costa Rican government has been aware of this for quite awhile. Their solution has been to prevent veterinarians from selling this insecticide when used as directed is safe and very effective in the control of fleas and ticks on animals and in locations in and around the areas where animals live, which includes our homes. more…

Surf Tips for surf vacations in Costa Rica Jul 04

Greetings everyone,

Starting next week, we will begin to post information in the form of Surf Tips when planning travel or planning a surf vacation for Costa Rica or for that matter anywhere in the world. Local and long time surf outfitter Chuck Herwig will begin sharing his experience with us weekly.

Chuck has a surf shop in Jaco, Costa Rica where surfers can get information ranging from places to stay in Costa Rica, best places to surf in Costa Rica, best surf instructors for beginners, and much more. Chuck has a website but do not let the low tech or simple site dissuade you from his knowledge.

People here in Jaco know when they need to find out information about anything related to surfing they go see Chuck. So check back or subscribe to the RSS Feed to begin learning from Chucks experience!

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Low-Season Travel Jul 03

Low-Season Travel
Get the most out of your summer vacation by hitting these hot spots when their business is cool

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High tide for the new wave of UK surfers Jul 02

High tide for the new wave of UK surfers
It is usually around Junction 17, heading south-west on the M5, that you begin to notice it.

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