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Blog Tip: Advanced Web Ranking Jun 21

awrOccasionally I will get email from other surf related bloggers who ask me about topics ranging from how to set up a blog to how to market the articles. Anyone who attempts to do this will soon learn that blogging is not as simple as just being able to write gibberish that will appeal to whoever you are targeting.

What I feel is the most important part of blogging is the article marketing. Just like there are companies who hire full time search engine optimization specialists so people can find their website, the same holds true for articles or blog postings. If nobody ever reads your post or article, or cannot find it using the most basic keywords of the subject matter, your posting is only of value to you. In order to really create value with your writing, you must be able to put keyword terms in your article that is consistent with the subject and the title of the post. While this might be obvious to most, the keywords you add to the article must be natural and not appear to be “stuffed” into the body, as there are penalty‚Äôs for this with the search engines. more…

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