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Costa Rica World Surfing Games Condo Rentals Jul 04

isa-world-surfing-games-2009We will be adding another category to the site which will be a temporary one. Many of our sites visitors have been asking for suggestions of hotel to stay at in Costa Rica and condos to rent in Jaco during the ISA Billabong World Surfing Games. The WSG 2009 begins on July 31st through the first week in August. This is a great time for many North American surfers and surf fans since they are on summer break and the prices here in Costa Rica are the Green Season rates.

We will have the category put up next week and will post individual projects that are willing to have a special price for this site. Whatever code is required to get the discount will be posted given to you after you send an email request to us. An un-official WSG 2009 site has been launched in English that might be of interest to some of you since many have written asking about more information about the games.

Honestly people, if there was more information I would post it but there seems to be very little and what I hear is just rumors. Check back to see the posting for the  World Surfing Games Rentals.

Costa Rica’s Witch’s Rock Surf Tournament Jan 17

jair-perez-costa-rican-surferLast weekend in Tamarindo, Costa Rica the third leg of the Costa Rica National Surf Circuit 2008 – 2009 took place. This national surf circuit consists of surfers from all over Costa Rica and holds mulitple contests in Costa Rican surf spots like Jaco, Playa Hermosa, Witch’s Rock, Ollies Point, Playa Nosara, Santa Teresa, and Pavones. Each year the Costa Rican surf locations change for this event but the remaining legs will take place at Nosara, Teresa, and then Hermosa. The eventuality of competing in this circuit is to win the national title plus hopefully win a spot on the National Team which will host the 2009 Billabong World Surfing Games Costa Rica later this year in August. This is a biggest professional surf event yet for Tico’s who will get a chance to meet international sponsors and grab the spotlight on their own turf.

There is a lot riding on the WSG 2009 in Costa Rica since it is the International Surfing Association(ISA) first event and the first sponsored event by Billabong in the ISA which has primarily sponsored ASP events. It is so important that ISA’s managing director for this event, Stephanie Keith is already here watching how Costa Rica handles itself in its organization of surf events. It is reported that so far she is impressed with the the CNS ability to be organized and promote its event.


From left, Diego Naranjo, Nataly Bernold, Jason Torres, Jair Perez, and Gilbert Brown

Results of the third leg called the Witch’s Rock Surf Tournament or Torneo Witch’s Rock by Tico’s were not unexpected. Jason Torres from Jaco, Costa Rica finished first and it was his second first place of a total of six events  in the men’s Open category. The remaining legs will take place in Playa Nosara, Santa Teresa, and then the finals in Playa Hermosa. All of these surf spots are favorites of surf vacationers and professionals from around the world who visit Costa Rica each year.

Also, finishing in first place was Nataly Bernold from Jaco who beat six time champ Lisbeth Vindas, wife of champion surfer Diego Naranjo, who finished in second place.

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