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Tortuga Island Costa Rica Beach View Jun 28

beach-postimageWhen we arrived at this island, we were not prepared for the Gilligan’s Island feel. This truly is a isolated island in the middle of the Gulf of Nicoya.

The beach here is beautiful and the water is clear all of the time which helps if you want to snorkel.

They rent snorkeling equipment on the beach to visitors. more…

Tortuga Island Costa Rica Virtual Tour Jun 22

Click image to view tourMany people have asked me to post images of different areas around Costa Rica. Here is the best way I think to show what these areas look like and how it feels to be there. If you have visited these areas, you will know how accurate these virtual tours are of the specific location. Here is a virtual tour of Tortuga Island in the Gulf of Nicoya in Costa Rica. This particular day we took the Calypso Catamaran tour out of Puntarenas. I will post these under the category Costa Rica Travel Tips since these are areas that I feel you must experience when traveling here. Please be patient with the loading of the tour since I am experimenting on how best to display these for you. Enjoy. more…

Front Deck Calypso Cruise Tortuga Island Jul 28

calypso-cruise-tortuga-islandOkay this is the last one for Calypso Cruises. The next virtual tours will be of canopy, crocodile, and the Rainmaker near Parrita. This is the closest you will get to seeing Rainmaker tour since they shut down the project to the public. When I inquired why their doors are closed they said their biologists found a frog that was thought to be extinct. So this is great news for the Rainmaker since it was developed as a protected zone for guided tours to the public. They said that the project will be closed for 6 months so they can conduct all of the studies needed to learn about this frog. more…

Calypso Cruises Costa Rica Tortuga Island Lunch Buffet Jul 25

buffet-postimageWhen you choose the Calypso Cruises for your trip to Tortuga Island, not only do you get an informative narrative of the passage during the voyage, you also get a great lunch.

While you are enjoying the beach or hiking around the island, the Calypso staff is busy making your lunch from scratch.

All of the food is prepared on the island except salads and not one piece of garbage remains when you leave. We really like that part of the excursion. more…

tortuga island costa rica
Calypso Cruise Tortuga Island Boat Landing May 18

Click on image for tour

Click on image for tour

Here is a virtual tour of the beach landing on Tortuga Island. The previous virtual tour was taken on the beach, this tour is from the perspective of the boat deck. Again, please be patient with the loading of the tours as I am still trying to find out the best way to tweak the code of this WordPress theme to show the QTVR movies the best way for all concerned. Yeah I know there is a small overlap of the stitched images that warps the tour in one spot. I took these virtual tours while I was how should we say? Feeling pura vida…

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