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Top 10 Reasons to Spend Christmas in Costa Rica May 28

Santa on the Beach
With Costa Rican Vacation’s Last Minute Availabilities – There’s No Excuse not to!

The Holiday Season is a double whammy in Costa Rica – when vacation days mix with the beginning of the dry season, it’s not hard to find a reason to celebrate no matter your faith. With forecasts of blue skies and refreshing “Christmas winds”, many people stuck in the snow covered north start to look longingly to their neighbor to the south for a bit of relief. To help you plan your Christmas vacation at the beach, Costa Rican Vacations, a luxury travel agency located in San Jose, has just announced its Last Minute Holiday Availabilities. These spots traditionally run out quickly, so take a look and you might find yourself saying “Feliz Navidad” this Dec. 25. If you still undecided, read on for some great reasons to spend your holiday vacation in the sun. more…

Costa Rica christmas 2011,where to spend christmas 2011
A Veteran’s Advice for Your Costa Rica Wedding May 26

Costa Rica: The Perfect Wedding Destination.

Whether you want to an add an exotic touch to your big day, or have fallen for a Costa Rican and are planning your wedding in the country, you couldn’t have chosen a better place to get married! Costa Rica is a stunning location for a wedding, with your choice of volcano, cloud forest, rainforest or beach as the event’s perfect backdrop. Those being just a few benefits, Katie High, Project Manager of Costa Rican Vacations, lets us in on the others along with some caveats for the first-time wedding planner.

Katie relocated from her native Waynesville, North Carolina to live in Costa Rica in 2005. On May 3rd 2008, she married Alfonso Straffon, her Tico partner of almost three years. The wedding took place in La Mariposa Hotel, located in beautiful Manuel Antonio on the Pacific Coast. Having initially met at the gym, Alfonso sweetly offered to help Katie home with her grocery bags, as Katie feigned a sore back from an extended workout. The plan worked like magic and “the rest”, Katie says, “is history!” more…

Pura Vida – Welcome to Surf in Jaco Costa Rica May 22

Once a sleepy and quiet farming town, Playa Jaco today is an international destination for surfers of all rank from all walks of life. As a result of the surfing attraction, Jaco’s infrastructure has been built up over the years to provide capacity for general tourism which has been the fastest segment of growth for Costa Rica in the last 5 years.

Today, the central pacific coast of Costa Rica is the fastest growing area in the country and this is a sweet and bitter event. Many town folk miss the “pura vida” ambience of the town and the beach which is now packed with hotels, resturants, shops, and people from all over the world. Other town folk are happy to see progress and technology brought to this area which has been under developed and incapable of maintaining the growing population of tico’s. As a result, power outages, inadequate water supply, medical care, water treatment, general policing of civilians has been under-served. With the increasing tourism revenues, the municipality called Garabito has been able to begin the needed upgrades to these deficient areas.

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Jaco in hot water about untreated sewage run-off Nov 18

Two months ago, a report was released by the government citing Jaco Beach has having a bacteria count of coliforms multiple times higher than acceptable for human bathing. Many people who live here already know this is a problem since they can smell the raw sewage as they walk by the rivers or over the bridges on a daily basis. Furthermore, business owners and homeowners are not surprised by this report since they know themselves to be pollutors and/or contributors. More so, Costa Ricans know very clearly where the pollution is coming from as noted by the Sala IV in 2007.

The problem is further exacerbated by local business advocates focusing not on the report but that the report was published with alterior political motives. Translated: They are not denying the reports of “Aguas Negras” or “Black Water” but fuming about how the report was published and its timing. Nobody seems to focus on the real issue which is lack of enforcement for existing laws. more…

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