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what is a nice, cheap, safe hotel/motel by the beaches of Costa Rica central pacific coast? Aug 24

My friends and i are planning to just pick up and go to Costa Rica and surf some, but we want to have an idea of where to head out to. We aren’t looking for luxury, we just want a nice, clean, economical hotel/hut in a safe and up-kept area.

suggestions and ideas are STRONGLY welcomed!

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Costa Rica: Surf And Yoga Central Aug 08

While many people every year travel to Costa Rica to vacation and enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery many are not aware there are special schools you can vacation at that will help you learn exciting activities such as surfing as well as more calming activities such as yoga. Here is a look at why some are now calling Costa Rica the surf and yoga central part of the world. At schools such as La Escuela Del Sol you will be able to take up to four week courses that teach you a combination of surf and yoga. For those who are already familiar with surfing or practicing yoga you can take the opportunity to advance your techniques. You will be taught by skilled, English speaking instructors who have your best interests and safety in mind. While you are learning true Costa Rica surf and yoga you will get the opportunity to practice on some of the best waves and most beautiful beaches in the world! People from all over the world come here to surf the waves as well as practice yoga on their peaceful beaches. While you are learning true Costa Rica surf and yoga you will hear the sounds of Costa Rica including their exotic birds or even an assortment of monkeys they have. While doing your yoga you can tune out while hearing the waves crash on the beach. The yoga classes are kept small and they supply you with everything you need to advance your movements to reach the ultimate in relaxation. When you are not attending your surf and yoga classes you can take part in all the other fun things there are to do in Costa Rica. One reason Costa Rica has become a popular vacation spot is because they have something for everyone to do. If you are looking for a quiet, secluded vacation you can go for a nature walk in search of some of the local water falls or relax on the beach. For those who are looking for a more exciting adventure you can take part in scuba diving in their clear waters while exploring Costa Rica. Costa Rica is also a great place to learn Spanish or increase your Spanish vocabulary. The local people are very friendly to visitors and it provides the perfect atmosphere for learning more. Now is the time to see for yourself why so many others are flocking to Costa Rica, surf and yoga central of the world!

For an aesthetic experience about costa rica surf yoga and costa rica surf school, LaEscuela is the best place to visit. Besides, Costa Rica gives you the chance to escape from your routine life. What are you waiting for pal?

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