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Big Concert Weekend here in Jaco May 02

alpha-blondy-costa-rica-doce-lunasTonight we have Alpha Blondy playing live at Doce Lunas here in Jaco, Costa Rica. Many fans who love Bob Marley feel Alpha Blondy is the closest living performer who provides excellent music, vocals, and his message via lyrics is genuine. How Doce Lunas lined up such a top performer remains a secret but this hidden hotel located in Quebrada Seco is by far responsible for most cultural and musical events of any significance.

Alpha Blondy is scheduled to play tonight and tomorrow night at Doce Lunas. For posterity and google, the Alpha Blondy concert dates are May 2 and May 3, 2009 in Jaco Costa Rica at Doce Lunas

Tomorrow night here in Jaco Ray Ruiz will be playing at a local Cuban nightclub called Congas. This new live music scene is in the old Fusion nightclub. All of us here in Jaco cannot help ourselves when people ask for directions. Take a left where Fusion used to be…. When will Jaco or any of us start to say, “When you get to Congas turn left” “Uh, okay but where is Congas?” “Where Fusion used to be” “Cool; now I got it…” It seems nobody who has moved into that place cannot wipeout the forsaken nightclub name from local memory. Anyhow, I have no idea who this Ray Ruiz singer is but he is supposed to be very good. Sorry I am negative in the Cultural IQ tonight. If you try to say Ray Ruiz with the proper Spanish accent, make sure Spanish was your first tongue so you do not embarrass the expats here in Jaco, it is a real twister hearing the Cubans say it. more…

alpha blondy
Surf Video CNS Copa Balance Open Nosara,Costa Rica Feb 22

Once again more opinions coming out about the final results of the Copa Natural Balance Open in Playa Guinones or Nosara, Costa Rica. The 18 year old surfer from Jaco, Jair Perez, won his first contest in the Open category in Nosara, Costa Rica. For those in attendance at the Playa Guiones contest of the Circuito Nacional de Surf  sponsored by DayStar Properties it was the most memorable contest performance in memory. In this contest, not only did Jair win his first open category but  he beat the 5th and 6th rankded surfers in the world. This is quite an accomplishment for the young surfer out of Jaco, Costa Rica.



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