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Best Hostel in Jaco Costa Rica – Las Camas Jul 23

las camas hostel jaco costa ricaThis hostel no longer exists as pointed out by one of our visitors. The building which was brought by Pat Hundely will be the future office of  DayStar Properties.

We get a lot of emails from out Contact Us page asking for information about hostels in Jaco and in San Jose. I often thought “why would anyone stay at a hostel in San Jose?” But it was your comments that explained it. The answer is many backpackers need to come back to San Jose the night before they are scheduled to depart and return home. This is a great reason because the bus system is usually good, but being Costa Rica there really is not consistent services. It is very wise to get to San Jose the night before you leave to avoid any hassles. We have heard about a few in SJO but not enought to write about them now. We will update the blog with a article about San Jose Costa Rica hostels when we get the information.

Here in Jaco there are a few choices for hostels but only one that this site will suggest. Prior to moving to Jaco we stayed at Hotel Haan and we did not like it. Now that we live here in Jaco we know all of the places to stay and eat at. What we always suggest is the Las Camas hostel. Honestly, we did not know the name of this hostel until we stopped by to talk to Edit the owner/manager. There is not sign on the hostel that says “Las Camas” but we never had any problem directing people to the location. Simple directions, the hostel is located in front of Kentucky Fried Chicken and everyone in Jaco knows where this place is. If you are coming in by bus to Jaco tell the driver to let you off at KFC but say it in Spanish. I have seen many times people getting off the bus at Mas por Menos only because a majority of the locals leave the bus at this stop. Travelers unsure of where to get off, usually get off at this stop and hike the rest of the way to the hostel. There is no need to do this, stay on the bus until you go over the bridge and then yell for the bus to “parada” the bus will stop in front of Subway fast food place and then the Las Camas hostel is less than a 100 yards on your left going in the direction of your arriving bus. more…

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