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Another Costa Rican Earthquake Rocks Jaco Jun 27

Just after everyone was getting back to normal after this mornings earthquake, and a little aftershock another big earthquake this afternoon got those nerves jumping again. This time it is the same region but slightly inland, so I am not sure if this is an aftershock or a separate plate displaced by the this mornings event. So far they have given this one a 5.9 magnitude.

Again, this quake had the un-nerving lateral movement like you are walking on a hanging bridge. These two big quakes have been smooth in the sense of the lateral movement would slow down when it reached the edge of the wave and then return in a smooth way. The earthquake on Jan. 8th was lateral but very short and rapid lateral movements which is very damaging. Any surfer who has had a big wave close on them and put them through the “rinse cycle” knows what the fast lateral movements feel like.

Here is the map location of the latest:

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costa rica earthquake july 2011,earthquake jaco
Costa Rica is jolted by another 6.1 Earthquake Jun 25

Initial readings say the epicenter was located in the San Carlos region, 22 miles NW of San Jose, Costa Rica. The actual coordinates for the epicenter are 10.220°N, 84.280°W, if you have a GPS or Google map service you can use these to view the location.pacific_map-tsunami-costa-rica

Here on the beach some people like me stay tuned to the NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center and while I physically felt the earthquake with the usual feeling of standing on a rope span bridge, I am glad to say that NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center was immediately updated and notified me in seconds. I love how technology and real life can be meshed to create a safer world. more…

Another quake in surfing paradise Jun 25

earthquake-chart-dec-16-2008Two earthquakes on the central Pacific coast occurred between 10:53 p.m. Monday and 16 minutes after midnight Tuesday 12/16/08. The first measured 5.0 in magnitude, according to the Observatorio Vulcanológico y Sismológico de Costa Rica. The second was a lesser 3.0, the observatory said.

Both were said to have been caused by local faults. The first quake had its epicenter about 8 kms (5 miles) northeast of Porvenir de Parrita. The second was in the Pacific some 17 kms (about 10.5 miles) west of Jacó, said the observatory.

Ground waves of both quakes were highly variable. The impact was great in some areas and hardly felt in others, according to the observatory’s array of seismographic stations. This is the second significant earthquake felt in this area in the last month. You can read about the recent earthquake in Costa Rica here.

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Central American Leaders solve Global Credit Crunch! Jun 13


The latest news out of San Jose, Costa Rica says “Central American leaders” are calling for a joint credit fund and single currency throughout the region. Who these purported leaders are has yet to revealed. These “leaders” claim this idea has been a product of the world financial crash with the aim of maintaining some kind of fiscal stability in Central America.

There are fears that the current crisis will prevent foreign investment in Costa Rican and other Central American economies which will further worsen the problem. In an effort to combat this problem, a 41 point economic blueprint has been put together and signed by leaders and representatives in all Central American countries. What is not clear is how a single currency could increase foreign investment during a global credit crunch. But these are shrewd “leaders” who know how to manipulate foreign governments for grants, donations, loans so they might have a trick up their sleeves. more…

Industrial and Construction Industries Hit Hardest in Costa Rica Jun 08

Tourism, Industry and Construction in Costa Rica Saw Low Growth This Year.

As the year comes to a close, more depressing statistics about the true effects of the economic crisis on Central America continue to be uncovered. The latest numbers state that the industrial and construction industries were the biggest hit with a measly growth of 5% for each. The previous year, the industrial industry experienced 8% growth while the construction industry had an impressive 18% growth. The production industry had an extremely low growth rate at 1.14%, while the hotel and commercial industries were also hard hit.

All these statistics were brought to light thanks to the Monthly Economic Activity Index (Imae), which was published by the Banco Central this past Saturday. The Index is a compilation of poll answers collected from 800 Costa Rica businesses.

As the economy is so tightly interconnected, the drop in construction led to a reduction in the production of construction materials such as cement and iron, leading to lost jobs and low profits. The industrial industry is watched closely because there are currently 240,000 people employed in the industry, and from July 2007 and July 2008, 12,000 jobs were lost. As a close second, there are 152,000 people that work in construction in Costa Rica, a number that has not changed over the past year. This of course affects the buying power of consumers, leading to lower sales totals for those offering goods and services.

In tourism, 8,000 of a total 100,000 (8%) jobs were lost between July 2007 and July 2008, and in commerce, the amount of jobs actually increased by 11,000 positions. The only industries that showed growth from now and last year were Costa Rica real estate and the government.

The Costa Rican tourism Institute (ICT) expects a growth of 7% in tourists from last years totals, though recent devastating floods in Puerto Viejo have caused occupancy levels to drop to an unprecedented 1%! After two low pressure systems swept through the region, flood waters displaced over 5,000 people and damaged crops and infrastructure in the region. However, despite the fact that all transportation routes have been fixed, and little damage remains, the reservation cancellations continue. With 35,000 people employed in tourism in the region, calls for help are going to the ICT to search for solutions. In the meantime, many hotel owners are offering up to 50% discounts, though 80% of bars and restaurants have simply kept their doors shut until a higher demand rolls around.

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