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Publicity Train Ride Derails Tico Style Jun 07

The Minor Accident Highlighted Shortfalls in the New Rail Route.

The long awaited commuter train between Heredia and San Jose met with a nearly disastrous inauguration when one of the cars derailed with President Oscar Arias, members of his cabinet and various journalists aboard. The incident occurred the morning of Friday, Dec. 12 just 25 meters before the bridge over the Virilla River.

This same section of railroad has negative past after an accident back in 1926, deemed the “Virilla Tragedy”, cost the lives of 249 people. The President of the Costa Rican rail system (Incofer) explained that a wheel got stuck in a double rail at a railroad junction. No one was injured in the incident, though it did not paint a positive picture for the future of the route. more…

A Veteran’s Advice for Your Costa Rica Wedding May 26

Costa Rica: The Perfect Wedding Destination.

Whether you want to an add an exotic touch to your big day, or have fallen for a Costa Rican and are planning your wedding in the country, you couldn’t have chosen a better place to get married! Costa Rica is a stunning location for a wedding, with your choice of volcano, cloud forest, rainforest or beach as the event’s perfect backdrop. Those being just a few benefits, Katie High, Project Manager of Costa Rican Vacations, lets us in on the others along with some caveats for the first-time wedding planner.

Katie relocated from her native Waynesville, North Carolina to live in Costa Rica in 2005. On May 3rd 2008, she married Alfonso Straffon, her Tico partner of almost three years. The wedding took place in La Mariposa Hotel, located in beautiful Manuel Antonio on the Pacific Coast. Having initially met at the gym, Alfonso sweetly offered to help Katie home with her grocery bags, as Katie feigned a sore back from an extended workout. The plan worked like magic and “the rest”, Katie says, “is history!” more…

Team Costa Rica steals the show at 2008 World Surfing Games May 24

When it all came down to the final point counts Team Costa Rica was knocked from 4th place to 5th place by Team France whom beat Costa Rica by 1 point. While many focused how the loss of the fourth position was salado which is tico slang for bad luck, others were shocked that the surfers from the small surfing town in Costa Rica made such a HUGE splash at this international event.

Many say it is Costa Rica’s time to share in the global spotlight of professional surfing competition but when it is all said and done, it was the local surfers who did it all. Jason Torres, Luis Vindas, Nataly Bernold, Gilbert Brown, Jairo Perez, and Lisbeth Vindas are the reasons why Costa Rica is now a power to be reckoned with in international surfing. All of these surfers are from Playa Jaco except for Gilbert who hails from Puerto Viejo. But if you live here you know Gilbert is no stranger to Jaco, his monthly visits here in Jaco shows that the surfers in Costa Rican are united and are a real team.

Unless you are a competition surfer, you do not know the mental aspects of this sport. It is important that individually and as a team that you don’t psyche yourself out even when you are competing against your friends. But when you are coming from a tiny town and going up against rich countries, big time surfers with BIG TIME sponsorship the mental aspect takes on a whole new burden to be dealt with. This mental game was one of the key focuses of coach Jose Urena.

Coach Jose Urena of the surfing Team Costa Rica talked about the mental aspects of competing against surfing stars during the 2008 Billabong World Surfing Games in Portugal. Coach Urena was quoted “It’s a matter of making them think that they can win against those guys… We’d make them believe in what skills they had and told them that sjust because they are from Costa Rica they shouldn’t underestimate themselves” More importantly, Team Costa Rica’s surfing coach said “As a matter of fact, they’ve got(surfing stars of the WCT & WQS) the same thing all the other have” Which is to say, they all have the same skills and just need to focus on that and not be intimidated.

You can be sure this blogger will continue to cover our local surfing champions with information and news about your favorite Costa Rican surfers. Don’t forget if you are visiting Costa Rica next year, Playa Jaco will be hosting the 2009 Billabong World Surfing Games in Playa Hermosa, not to be confused with Playa Hermosa in Guanacaste. Check back in this site for information about places to stay, other tidbits about this international event coming to sleept Jaco.

Costa Rica hit by 6.2 earthquake in the dead of night May 24

Anyone, have dreams of being bounced around? Unless you were sleeping, you surely would have felt the slip and slide motion of last nights or I should say very early morning earthquake here along the central pacific coast of Costa Rica.

The last earthquake I can remember that shook Jaco like this was in 2004 centered in Parrita. Parrita is that little town south of Jaco that endures earthquakes, flooding on a yearly basis. This mornings earthquake epicenter was located along the Panama border according the the USGS sensors located in Heredia. I have not heard any reports of damage here in Jaco but I can tell you we were swinging for a good minute. more…

Is Costa Rica protecting the environment? Mar 07

costa-rica-iguana-capture-jacoThursday March 5th I was going to surf and passed through a new park built with funds donated by the government of China. My friend(tourist from California) and I noticed that two Nicaraguans were climbing up the trees and using long bamboo poles. In the past, I have yelled at and stopped various people from capturing iguanas so they could eat them. Without getting all of you, touch feely people out there riled up about the right of these people to eat food. Please understand that most of the time their motivation is not for protein but the belief that the female iguana eggs are natural Viagra (I am sure you get the idea, this is a PG site.) These are the same people who also buy turtle eggs from people who dig them out of the sand (FYI there are no commerical farms where they cultivate turtle eggs) for the same ignorant belief. Anyhow, I saw two park security persons and asked why are they trying to capture the iguanas? He said they are removing them from the park. I was appalled and decided to come back after a few sets to take come pictures and video to show the world what was happening. more…

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