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Costa Rica Ranks Top 5 Cleanest Country in the World Apr 28

costa-rica-rainforest1Surfers and surf vacation fanatics can be proud that Costa Rica now ranks as one of the top 5 places in the world for being the cleanest country. Below is an article about the findings of a recently published study by Yale and Columbia.

The Universities of Yale and Columbia have published their collaborative study called 2008 Environmental Performance Index (EPI.) The study uses over 40 metrics which are collected from each country and then compiled to produce comparative results for ranking purposes. Costa Rica ranked for the first time in this study in the top of all countries in the world. To give this perspective here are the top five in order of performance: Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Costa Rica. The USA ranked 39, Mexico 47, and China 105

Some east metrics for industrialized countries to achieve high numbers on are the water quality or water stress metrics. Given that most industrial nations have infrastructure to support itself, the ability to provide clean drinking more…

The Spin on Costa Rica’s Sustainability Apr 13

costa_rica_wind_turbines_renewable_powerHas anyone read this article written by the New York Times and syndicated around the web under the authors name? The author Thomas L. Friedman seems to have experienced a Costa Rica that is written by Burson-Marsteller the powerhouse public relations firm that the Costa Rican government pays millions per year to keep the sustainable Costa Rican image alive and well in the media. 

Here is the article in full:

Thomas L. Friedman: Costa Rica sets a standard for sustainable growth

LIBERIA, Costa Rica — Sailing down Costa Rica’s Tempisque River on an eco-tour, I watched a crocodile devour a brown bass with one gulp. It took only a few seconds. The croc’s head emerged from the muddy waters near the bank with the foot-long fish writhing in its jaws. He crunched it a couple of times with razor-sharp teeth and then, with just the slightest flip of his snout, swallowed the fish whole. Never saw that before. more…

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