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OBAMA Jun 01

Its funny, watching CNN, then comparing their notes to FOX. CBS and NBC have their own info, also different. I guess this means I’m an adult, as Holly and I are drinking beer and watching the elections. This Presidential race will be over after today and the world can move on.

Thanks to Joe Walsh!!

summer is HERE May 30

I don’t care if it rains again. I don’t care if my roof leaks, as it has been for the last two months with the heavy rains. You’re sitting on the toilet, water droplets falling on your head. Or you’re on the couch, trying to get a nap or watch HBO, and drips falling on your head. Not any more. The wind has been blowing offshore all day today, and most all yesterday. The surf is tiny, but it doesn’t matter, just grab a longboard and cruise! As my buddy Chris said yesterday, “Longboard Fever!”. I’m getting ready for Peru, taking the 9’0 and the 6’0, only 11 days to go. I still need to make some phone calls to everyone who is going on the trip, its going to be a great trip.

Tommy, I read your message, and yes how cool that SOJA and Slightly Stoopid are playing together in DC. I am torn. Large shows mean more work on my end planning, they mean doing the show off of the beach. Smaller shows mean I can host them at WRSC, less planning, everything is right here. Should I go for three or four bands, or should I go for three or four shows? Please peoples, guide me here.

I have a verbal agreement with Agent Orange, they are stoked to play the show by the way. more…

long week by Joe Walsh May 29

Hola. I’ve had a friend in town, so I haven’t done any work. The surf was going off, so I was surfing. And drinking import beers that I bought from Automercado. I have responded to about 5% of my email. Sorry! I should get back on track this week, now that the surf is flat.

Here I am chilling with Soulwax, an electro/house band from Belgium . They played a big show in San Jose Saturday Oct. 18th and then came to Tamarindo for a few days. We showed them how to surf. I introduced them to Guaro. That was fun.

Happy is getting huge. He is taking a bottle now, hopefully my wife can take a break from having to wake up through the night. Now at least I can help feed the kid. He is really starting to like the guitar, always strumming it when I’m playing it and playing with it when its lying on the ground. We put Happy on a surfboard today for the first time. He loved it. more…

thats how it goes May 29

well, Chargers lost. bummer. I can’t let it ruin my day. I painted my room, cleaned it up a bit, it actually looks really nice. Took me about 2 hours to remove all of the staples from the wall. My deck is coming along nicely, thankfully the weather has been clear two and a half out of the last three days. The surf was really fun until today. Actually I don’t know because I didn’t go, I just assume it sucked but it never really sucks to go surf. I’m going to the airport to pick up my college buddy Kent Oberlin. He has a studio in San Diego, Koberlin Studios, he also has this sweet Halloween cd that he produced called Sonic Realm, check it out on the wall of my facebook page. Good info on the concert here in Tamarindo. WRSC is donating all proceeds we earn to a Tamarindo sidewalk/speedbump fund. I mean come on… seriously… it must be done. SOJA is able to play late February. Those guys jam, they have like 30 minutes of music on their myspace page. I’m really stoked, though thinking that its going to be too big for the beach and needs to be moved to an empty lot, perhaps one past the hardware store. I don’t want to worry about the show being “too big”, instead I’d rather find a way to make a big event, perhaps more of a weekend-long music festival. 911′s Marco Alfaro is driving here tomorrow, we will hammer out details. Last night the band Soulwax played a big 911 show in San Jose, they are now in Tamarindo. We picked them up at the airport, they are having sushi in my restaurant tonight. Too bad the show was five hours away. I got to get to the aiport, hasta… Oh I forgot to say, Agent Orange is another band showing interest in playing the show. And also I am still waiting to hear from Skullcandy on whether or not they want to headline sponsor the show…

Thanks to Joe Walsh and WRSC, THEY ROCK!!

random Sunday observations May 29

I just bought a surfboard for from a guy who needed to fly back to Brazil and couldn’t take it. I get offers for so many boards I don’t know what to do with all of them. I lost count at 200 surfboards in our inventory. I have so many I have to put them up on the ceiling as I’ve ran out of space. I make sure to ride every single board at least once believe it or not.
My neighbor Polly woke up this morning to a 6 foot boa in the rafters of her bedroom. One of her renters helped pull the snake out to in front of Economy Renta Car and we all got a good look. It was pretty big, my camera bugged out and erased my pics so I’m waiting for one to post on the blog. I showed Otis, he seems to like snakes, probably because we have so many down here. One time we found a boa under the hood of our truck that had been parked next to the hotel for a couple weeks. Then there was that one that lived in the floor of our house that ate the skunks. Its amazing how close we are to nature here, I dig it.

Here is Otis. I figured I hadn’t taken a photo of him in a while, it was time for you all to see how big he is. Crazy! It has been awesome to raise the boys at the surf camp. I’m really happy living in Costa Rica, but I’m sure if we moved to Panama or Micronesia or anywhere with waves out in front, I’d be just as happy. I drove the family to Avellanas this morning and surfed the incoming tide. I can’t believe how few people there are in Costa Rica right now. Normally Avellanas on a Sunday would have meant no parking and barely enough room to drive my truck by Lola’s. There were maybe 20 people surfing a half mile of beach.
I was sifting through some old pics yesterday and found this great photo of my parents on their wedding day in 1972. I love the 70s blue tux my dad is sporting with the single button. The old car in the background is pretty tight. My dad has got a mustache and that 70s hair thing going. I laugh when I think about the fact that my father was in a jail in Tijuana the morning of his wedding day and was released in time to cross the border and go straight (without even a shower) to the church. What in the hell ever happened to proper bachelor parties like that?

Mom and dad, I love you two very much. This photo really makes me smile. I do have a question though, who is that picking his nose in the background?
I also found this photo of me with my first VW camper van. I learned how to drive stick in this thing and drove it multiple times into Baja, to Lake Tahoe, as far east as Park City, Utah and as far north as Grand Targhee, Wyoming.

I think we were at Punta Cabras or Punta San Jose in this photo. I can recognize a Tecati beer can even from here.
Besides old school photos and some chill time with the family (stoked they are all taking siestas at 4pm on a Sunday), I’ve just been surfing, waiting for the Chargers/Patriots game tonight, catching up on emails to friends I never get to talk to, and try to figure out where I’m going to be when over the next few months. I can’t believe that in four weeks I’ll have gone to California, back to Costa Rica, and then be in Peru. I can’t wait for Peru…
I am talking to Frank Lemes about going to Micronesia this next July. It might or might not be a trip with available space, I’ll keep everyone posted. It will be 17-21 days long and journey to the edge of the earth. Frank spent two years there in college in the Peace Corps. There is a pretty sick wave over there that is still under the radar. I am thinking that I will be doing at least 8 trips in 2009, with another one to Panama in January or February. We will be surfing Bocas del Toro on this trip too.
Regarding the Tamarindo concert, we are still in talks with SOJA for the dates that will work best. I am not going to allow something that will be totally kick ass fun to stress me out at all, so if it doesn’t happen January 10th or 24th, or if the CNS Tamarindo surf contest happens on one date and the concert happens on another, this doesn’t really matter. The point is that we’re going to have some solid music and a really good time. I love surf + music + good friends and good times. I can’t wait.

Thanks to Joe Walsh and Witches Rock Surf Camp!!

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