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Another Costa Rican Earthquake Rocks Jaco Jun 27

Just after everyone was getting back to normal after this mornings earthquake, and a little aftershock another big earthquake this afternoon got those nerves jumping again. This time it is the same region but slightly inland, so I am not sure if this is an aftershock or a separate plate displaced by the this mornings event. So far they have given this one a 5.9 magnitude.

Again, this quake had the un-nerving lateral movement like you are walking on a hanging bridge. These two big quakes have been smooth in the sense of the lateral movement would slow down when it reached the edge of the wave and then return in a smooth way. The earthquake on Jan. 8th was lateral but very short and rapid lateral movements which is very damaging. Any surfer who has had a big wave close on them and put them through the “rinse cycle” knows what the fast lateral movements feel like.

Here is the map location of the latest:

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Earthquake Hits Pacific Coast in Costa Rica Jun 26

UPDATE: New reports indicate that the magnitude was 5.7 but USGS said it was 5.9

Around 11:25 Central America time, a long and powerful earthquake rocked the surfing beach town of Jaco, Costa Rica. This quake was a very powerful lateral slide that moved near 6 inches back and forth. When the earthquake hits, I ran outside to see all of the electrical poles swaying back and forth along with people running out of their homes.

Costa Rica was hit by a powerful quake on Jan. 8th which was a 6.1, this one felt much more powerful than that and was of much longer duration. This quake was definitely in the making because for the past week there was small lateral movements each day. Currently the news is stating this is the same magnitude that hits us in January.

Check back for more details, you can see the location of the quake epicenter below.
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Costa Rica is jolted by another 6.1 Earthquake Jun 25

Initial readings say the epicenter was located in the San Carlos region, 22 miles NW of San Jose, Costa Rica. The actual coordinates for the epicenter are 10.220°N, 84.280°W, if you have a GPS or Google map service you can use these to view the location.pacific_map-tsunami-costa-rica

Here on the beach some people like me stay tuned to the NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center and while I physically felt the earthquake with the usual feeling of standing on a rope span bridge, I am glad to say that NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center was immediately updated and notified me in seconds. I love how technology and real life can be meshed to create a safer world. more…

Another quake in surfing paradise Jun 25

earthquake-chart-dec-16-2008Two earthquakes on the central Pacific coast occurred between 10:53 p.m. Monday and 16 minutes after midnight Tuesday 12/16/08. The first measured 5.0 in magnitude, according to the Observatorio Vulcanológico y Sismológico de Costa Rica. The second was a lesser 3.0, the observatory said.

Both were said to have been caused by local faults. The first quake had its epicenter about 8 kms (5 miles) northeast of Porvenir de Parrita. The second was in the Pacific some 17 kms (about 10.5 miles) west of Jacó, said the observatory.

Ground waves of both quakes were highly variable. The impact was great in some areas and hardly felt in others, according to the observatory’s array of seismographic stations. This is the second significant earthquake felt in this area in the last month. You can read about the recent earthquake in Costa Rica here.

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No Reporting of Earthquakes in Costa Rican News Jun 21

My house must be sitting on top of some sort of Godzilla creature whom moved tonight at 7:12pm and last week sometime in the night. So when he moved tonight, I thought I would check the IRIS Seismic monitor with all of their flashy colored circles that indicate “areas of activity.” Well, it showed many flashy circles but nothing in Costa Rica. I wonder if someone forgot to pay their ICE bill at the seismic monitoring station in Heredia. Nahhhh that would not happen here in Costa Rica.

Maybe everyone else is just as self-doubting as I am. If the news didn’t report the earthquake, it didn’t happen. It must have been a leg spasm that threw off my equilibrium, which made it feel like the earth just shook. However, I am not one to believe in coincidences because at the same time my leg spasm the chandelier moved. Hell I ought to see a doctor, this here spasm is causing all sorts of trouble for me. I had better make an appointment to see the doctor as soon as possible. Unless, of course the news reports it was an earthquake after all and not my leg spasm.  Wouldn’t that be a relief to know that Godzilla was not living under the house.

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