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Front Deck Calypso Cruise Tortuga Island Jul 28

calypso-cruise-tortuga-islandOkay this is the last one for Calypso Cruises. The next virtual tours will be of canopy, crocodile, and the Rainmaker near Parrita. This is the closest you will get to seeing Rainmaker tour since they shut down the project to the public. When I inquired why their doors are closed they said their biologists found a frog that was thought to be extinct. So this is great news for the Rainmaker since it was developed as a protected zone for guided tours to the public. They said that the project will be closed for 6 months so they can conduct all of the studies needed to learn about this frog. more…

Is Jaco Costa Rica Beach Water Clean? Apr 02


YES! Claims the local goverment and the AyA, wich is the abbreviation for the Costa Rica water and sewer ministry. After the latest round of water tests in and around the river mouths and various locations up and down the beach, the AyA determined that the beach in Jaco is safe. Was that a long sentence or what? 

As many of us know who live here in Jaco that the rivers that spill into the ocean are heavily polluted with septic wastes that are untreated. Just walking by over a river here in town, you can smell the terrible odors that are associated with untreated sewage. Luckily for Jaco and all of the surfers, the government realized they needed to get firm with violators who are polluting the rivers. Last year, Jaco was in the news because of very high levels of bacteria coliforms in the water tested at the beach. The result was a media frenzy here in Costa Rica and an embarressment for many in the tourist trade. After all, Costa Rica stands for ecological protection and sustainability. What one preaches they better practice when they invite the media to the dance. 

The tourisim minister, the tourism council, and even local leaders were humbled in light of the dangerous bacteria levels becoming public knowledge. There is nothing like potential loss of face here in Costa Rica to motivate a public official or council. Many people questioned AyA’s motivations for releasing the test results to the media without consulting the local government first. Some say it was the word war between the Garabito municipality and the AyA on who was going to take care of the drinking water for the community that led to the public disclosure of the test results. more…

Is Costa Rica protecting the environment? Mar 07

costa-rica-iguana-capture-jacoThursday March 5th I was going to surf and passed through a new park built with funds donated by the government of China. My friend(tourist from California) and I noticed that two Nicaraguans were climbing up the trees and using long bamboo poles. In the past, I have yelled at and stopped various people from capturing iguanas so they could eat them. Without getting all of you, touch feely people out there riled up about the right of these people to eat food. Please understand that most of the time their motivation is not for protein but the belief that the female iguana eggs are natural Viagra (I am sure you get the idea, this is a PG site.) These are the same people who also buy turtle eggs from people who dig them out of the sand (FYI there are no commerical farms where they cultivate turtle eggs) for the same ignorant belief. Anyhow, I saw two park security persons and asked why are they trying to capture the iguanas? He said they are removing them from the park. I was appalled and decided to come back after a few sets to take come pictures and video to show the world what was happening. more…

Jaco in hot water about untreated sewage run-off Nov 18

Two months ago, a report was released by the government citing Jaco Beach has having a bacteria count of coliforms multiple times higher than acceptable for human bathing. Many people who live here already know this is a problem since they can smell the raw sewage as they walk by the rivers or over the bridges on a daily basis. Furthermore, business owners and homeowners are not surprised by this report since they know themselves to be pollutors and/or contributors. More so, Costa Ricans know very clearly where the pollution is coming from as noted by the Sala IV in 2007.

The problem is further exacerbated by local business advocates focusing not on the report but that the report was published with alterior political motives. Translated: They are not denying the reports of “Aguas Negras” or “Black Water” but fuming about how the report was published and its timing. Nobody seems to focus on the real issue which is lack of enforcement for existing laws. more…

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