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Costa Rica Travel Tips by Chuck’s Surfoutfitters Jun 28

drug-corner-sellersRecently, I was walking back to my rented house here in Jaco and as usual was being harrassed by drug dealers on the street. For the most part, if you can handle the repeated questioning “You need anything, I got what you need,” they will leave you alone. But on this particular night, passing in front of Le Loft in Jaco, a group of college students were askingthe drug dealers what drugs they could get and for how much. I stopped to observe how they drew attention to themselves and were being sized up by street thieves.

Coming to a foreign country for vacation and then buying illegal drugs is insanity. People need to think before they do something that can have extreme consequences. The consequences extend to your friends and family too, not just you. While Costa Rica, is much safer than Mexico for vacation, there still is drug violence. So why invite that violence by conducting yourself in illegal activity? Chuck Herwig has five simple tips for Costa Rica vacation travelers. Take a look at number three.

My Travel Tips for a PURA VIDA Vacation By Chuck Herwig

  1. Please slow down, don’t be in a hurry. You are on vacation
  2. Prepare for a new and exciting/challenging experience. After all, you could have stayed home if you didn’t want something different.
  3. Don’t buy or trade drugs, you just do damage to the local people
  4. Don’t leave anything, anywhere, anytime unattended. Whether its in your car, in the lobby, next to you or the park bench, etc. It will grow legs and walk away
  5. Learn a couple of good words and practice them daily ex Por Favor, Gracias, Pura Vida. Its amazing how fast you will be speaking Spanish. 
drug dealers on the corner,drug corner
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Presidential Inauguration Shaving Parties? Jan 16

zohan-shaving-parties-jaco-costa-ricaThat’s right, even this “G” rated site could not pass up this party concept blazing across the world and landing in Jaco, Costa Rica. Apparantly, nightclubs and bars are using the United States Presidential Inauguration and a play of words as a way to promote their establishments by offering freebies to patrons who offer to shave their groin hair on Tuesday, Jan. 20th.  Hence, the play on words “No More Bush!” While this is a hilarious idea, the reality for me is much scarier. With visions of Zohan’s sisters taking off their skirts revealing their monstrosity’s…oops this is a “G” rated site. 

Well I will certainly report back if there are accidental circumcisions whether  primary or secondary due to the level of alcohol intoxication during the procedures. I will also check with the Police Department to see if there is an increase in pubic related disorderly conduct complaints and with the Health Department for increase in complaints of…okay enough of that angle.

no-more-bush-after-hours-partiesSorry but I will not be posting photos of these events but maybe there will be some links to share from the various Jaco nightclubs here like Plankton, Liquid, or Le Loft. Check back next week for the results!

no more bush
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