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Learn to surf in Costa Rica! Jul 02

The magic of surfing in Costa Rica!

Surfing is a unique experience that can be considered both an art form and an athletic pursuit. It is a lifestyle and a great recreational activity that is not only a lot of fun but also promotes physical fitness, great health, alleviates and relieves stress.

Caught up in fast-paced lives of the new millennium, surfing is the ultimate way to get back into touch with nature. Surfing requires that you focus on the moment and as a result, all the stress from that fast-paced life is left on land.

You know the scene, you are laying on the beach on vacation watching the beginner surfers wipe out and fall on their butts. And the secret truth is, you wish you were one of them. You have always wanted to surf and have always been too scared to try. But surfing can be a great sport, and no matter how uncoordinated you are, with the right training, you too can learn to surf.

Most importantly, don’t be embarrassed. You are going to fall… a lot. You will likely be in a high traffic area and tons of people will see you fall. Don’t be self conscious. Everyone has been there and it’s just the first step in your learning. Don’t expect to be perfect right off the bat. Surfing is very difficult and requires skills that you have never used before (and muscles too), you will improve, but you need to give yourself time. Learning to surf can be one of the most difficult things you do in your life, but it can also be one of the most rewarding.

So you’re in sunny Costa Rica, you’re surrounded by a lush rain-forest. The lapping waves of pristine beaches await your attention. Perfect for beginners to those with more intermediate skills. Experienced surf instructors have probably chased waves all over the world and know exactly how to teach you the skills of catching a wave in a safe and fun way. If you have no experience with surfing, no problem there’s no better place in the world to learn!!

Marieke Spaan is from the Netherlands but now lives in Costa Rica and owns of surf / yoga camp. Lucero Surf Retreats.

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Learn to Surf From the Best at Costa Rica Surf Camps Jun 30

For those who have always wanted to learn to surf but want the chance to learn from the best should consider all the advantages that come of learning to surf at Costa Rica surf camps. Costa Rica surf camps are special locations that not only provide beautiful accommodations for their guests, but also give them the opportunity to learn to surf or improve their surf skill by their professional instructors. Not only do guests get to learn from the best at Costa Rica surf camps but they also get to do so while being surrounded by the lovely scenery of Costa Rica! At Costa Rica surf camps such as the one you will find at, you will get to choose between a one to four week course. There are beginner classes for those who have always dreamed of learning to surf as well as advanced classes for more seasoned surfers who are looking for opportunities to advance and get better waves. Costa Rica has been blessed with some of the best surfing in the world. At Costa Rica surf camps such as the one mentioned above, will get the chance to pick between five different great surf spots that promise great waves. Although Costa Rica has beautiful beaches and fantastic surfing one will still get the privacy they want when learning to surf. The classes are kept small so surfers are given the right amount of attention to advance as well to keep up with the peaceful atmosphere. For those who worry because they do not have a surf board or do not want to concern themselves with traveling with one they can rest easy because the surf camps can rent them a board to use while they attend their courses. Besides promising a great surf experience these surf camps also have other opportunities that one may take advantage of. There are opportunities to combine surfing and the ancient art of fire dancing, surfing and yoga and why not brush up on your Spanish by combining surfing and Spanish lessons! No matter if one is looking for excitement or a chance to get away for some peace and quiet Costa Rica has plenty to do when you are not attending your surf camp. Costa Rica is full of beautiful beaches where you can swim or go scuba diving. Costa Rica also has great trails and parks that are perfect for hiking. Be sure to look at all the different types of birds and animals that may present themselves! One of the most popular activities visitors enjoy is looking for waterfalls. You will fall in love with the gorgeous waterfalls you will find in Costa Rica. With so much to offer now is the time to schedule your own vacation in beautiful Costa Rica!

For an aesthetic experience about Costa Rica surf camps and yoga resort costa rica, LaEscuela is the best place to visit. Besides, Costa Rica gives you the chance to escape from your routine life. What are you waiting for pal?

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Costa Rica Senoirs And Senoiritas Come Learn Spanish, Surf Or Yoga! Aug 23

Do you remember the fun filled family vacations of your youth? They were crammed with putt putt golf, go cart tracks, and shopping. You know the ones where your entire family returned home exhausted. Well these things were fine when you were ten but you are all grown up now. You want a vacation that is restful, relaxing, rejuvenating, rememberable, and stimulating. Now you can go to Costa Rica surf, yoga, or even take Spanish. You should consider the beautiful Costa Rica as a great place to have an enlightening educational vacation. The La Escuela Del Sol is a school in Costa Rica. Here you can enhance your vacationing experience by studying while you are abroad! Imagine it; you can actually say you studied abroad! While you are in Costa Rica surf, yoga or scuba! At the La Escuela Del Sol, you can make your Costa Rica vacation the true experience of a lifetime by studying Spanish, Scuba Certification, surf, yoga, or Poi (Spanish Fire Dancing). Just think you can come back home rested, revitalized and with a better education. You can choose from 1 week to 4 week courses. You can also choose different combinations of the courses offered. Perhaps Poi and Spanish or Surf and Yoga. The possibilities are endless. You can even earn college credit for your Spanish studies. There is a host school located in the United States that offers college credit to students of La Escuela Del Sol’s Spanish course. Check with the school for more detailed information. Scuba Certification is offered as well. The waters are beautiful, see thrilling marine life here in Costa Rica surf, yoga or scuba. You can of coarse take Scuba alone or in combination with Spanish, surf or yoga. You should book early to ensure enrollment. Poi or Spanish Fire Dancing will be something you can brag to your friends at home about and none of them will have a story so exciting. It may take a while to learn but when you have a bit of practice you will be able to do such steps as weaves, butterfly, buzz saw, thread the needle, stalls, behind the back weaves and turns. Surfing in Costa Rica holds a great experience for beginners, intermediate, and advance students. The beach offers a soft sandy safe bottom. So while you are in Costa Rica surf, yoga, scuba dive, or learn Poi. You are going to love it!

For an aesthetic experience about costa rica surf yoga and Travel to Costa Rica, LaEscuela is the best place to visit. Besides, Costa Rica gives you the chance to escape from your routine life. What are you waiting for pal?

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