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Tamarumor: some gringo was murdered Oct 25

Tamarindo is a small town.  News travels fast.  Unfortunately news gets drunk along the way, and by the time you hear it, news is wasted and threw up something completely untrue.  Did you hear the one about the gringo that got murdered in Tamarindo this past week?  Let me help set the record straight, because I’m sick of talking about it.

Two or three weeks ago I was sitting at the WRSC bar watching the San Diego Chargers lose.  This fat, drunken man slowly makes his way into the restaurant, mumbling about needing to use the telephone.  He looked like he had been up all night.  His eyes were mostly shut and he reeked of booze.  The guy had definitely seen better days (and he wasn’t more than 25 years old or so).  I gave him a few bucks to go buy a phone card somewhere else.  To this offer he then asked me for a free meal, but I wasn’t in the free-meal-giving mood at the time.  I just wanted him to leave because he was wasted and I was watching football.

Over the next couple of weeks I would see the guy meandering past WRSC from time to time.  He was always really fucked up.  I never thought much of it.

Last Thursday, I’m in Denver and I get a phone call from the surf camp.  Apparently the guy came into the surf camp around 630am and asked for a water, which he could barely get into his mouth. He stumbled into the bathroom for a few minutes.  Then, as he made his way out of the surf camp entrance, he started walking north and literally collapsed and died a couple hundred feet down the road.

Was there a big shoot-out in Tamarindo or some drug deal gone south?  No.  Was this gringo guy murdered?  No.  Sorry people.  The truth is much sadder.  From what I saw, this guy came here to kill himself in a Leaving Las Vegas kind of way.

October 27, 2010 at 10:38 am

I would like to clarify this story by adding these two points:

#1 When the guy came into WRSC with a nasty head wound as if he had been in a fight and/or had a bottle broken over his head.

#2 Carlos Arias, who was working in the surf shop at the time, immediately called the police. The police said it was the second phone call they had received that morning regarding this guy.

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The Time of Your Life at a Costa Rica Surf School Aug 19

Can you imagine hiking around volcanoes, taking a dip in hot springs, horseback riding and snorkeling all in a tropical paradise setting? All of this kind of sounds like some kind of fantastic vacation, if only it could be true! Ah, but it can be everything it sounds like and more, when you attend the Costa Rica surf school. You have it right, just take a trip to Montezuma, Costa Rica at the La Escuela Del Sol School where you can learn to surf like a pro in the sun! When you’re not learning to surf you can spend time exploring caves, hiking, combing beaches in ATV’s, admiring natures waterfalls or learning what real tropical rain forests are all about. The La Escuela Del Sol School not only offers classes in surfing, but they also provide training in yoga, fire dancing, Spanish and scuba diving. They have an assortment of classes in different packages where you can pair up a couple of subjects together. If you want to read about all of the combination classes that you can attend, you will find more information at It is up to you how long you wish to schedule your studies at the Costa Rica surf school. You can book your trip for as little as one week, on up to four weeks long. Students find that they can learn a lot, make new friends and have a great time when they are enrolled at the La Escuela Del Sol School. It’s no accident that this school offers surfing lessons, because it has some of the finest waves possible. You can enroll as a beginner, intermediate or as an advanced surfer, so everybody can learn the skills they need to for the next level. The instructors determine what locations for surfing are appropriate for your skill level, keeping safety in mind. You can expect about two hours of surf training for beginners every day, Monday through Friday depending on your endurance abilities. You’ll notice this leaves a good portion of the day and weekends free for your other vacation activities. Beginners always surf at the Playa Grande, which is a local beach within walking distance of the school. You will find that the beaches are very private and uncrowned, affording you ample opportunities to easily learn your surfing skills while attending the Costa Rica surf school. Beginners and intermediates learn how to read the waves, paddling techniques and gaining balance control. Mauricio is the instructor and guide for intermediate and advanced surfers. The surfing schedule will take you to one of five different locations by way of a jeep to find the best possible break. Class sizes are kept to a bare minimum to assure you of expert training and critiquing, while you further enhance your skills. You can fill out the simple enrollment form at, to take the learning vacation of a lifetime at the Costa Rica surf school!

For an aesthetic experience about Costa Rica surf school and fire dancing, LaEscuela is the best place to visit. Besides, Costa Rica gives you the chance to escape from your routine life. What are you waiting for pal?

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Madison student learns life lessons surfing Costa Rica Aug 13

Madison student learns life lessons surfing Costa Rica
MADISON – Seventeen-year old Madison student Jason von der Linde returned this July from a 15-day adventure surfing Costa Rica’s unforgettable waves and warm water breaks.

Read more on Madison Eagle

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