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Reef ALAS Latin Pro Surf Contest passed this weekend Jun 04

Even though it is touted at the biggest event to hit Jaco, for me it was a disappointment. The biggest event which was filled with drunk and rowdy ticos was the Chica Reef contest. This is really the main event and gets away from the basics IMHO.

Once chica contests were for chica surfers, now it is filled with professional models who know nothing about surfing. But if this is what you wanted to see, you certainly got your fill. La Teja which is a blue collar newspaper which always posts a “model” on the front page, showcased the contest. This just goes to show the nature of this contest. Billabong, RedBull, and QuickSilver host better events and it mostly focused on the surfing and the surfers. If you want more information about the contest you can check here it is in Spanish but you can get the idea. Surfing is international.

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Is Playa Jaco Costa Rica Green? May 31

Six weeks ago, the canton de Garabito or Garabito County in which Jaco is located took delivery of close to 20 new white Toyota pickup trucks courtesy of the local developers. When the rest of the world is trying to conserve on fossil fuel consumption and when the Fuerza Publica cannot afford to pay for it own gasoline usage, Garabito’s employees and workers are guzzling fuel at record numbers.

Today, you can see the monster size pickups touring through town, towering over the smaller local more fuel efficient cars. Previously, it was the pretentious albeit only a handful who drove monter trucks in this paved road city. With the addition of 20 plus gas guzzling trucks, this will only add to the local pollution and one needs to ask themselves, why? What is the purpose of this? Who is going to pay for the enormous gasoline bills? When the Garabito Council claims it cannot afford to do this or that, they seem to have no problems accepting gifts like this. more…

Team Costa Rica steals the show at 2008 World Surfing Games May 24

When it all came down to the final point counts Team Costa Rica was knocked from 4th place to 5th place by Team France whom beat Costa Rica by 1 point. While many focused how the loss of the fourth position was salado which is tico slang for bad luck, others were shocked that the surfers from the small surfing town in Costa Rica made such a HUGE splash at this international event.

Many say it is Costa Rica’s time to share in the global spotlight of professional surfing competition but when it is all said and done, it was the local surfers who did it all. Jason Torres, Luis Vindas, Nataly Bernold, Gilbert Brown, Jairo Perez, and Lisbeth Vindas are the reasons why Costa Rica is now a power to be reckoned with in international surfing. All of these surfers are from Playa Jaco except for Gilbert who hails from Puerto Viejo. But if you live here you know Gilbert is no stranger to Jaco, his monthly visits here in Jaco shows that the surfers in Costa Rican are united and are a real team.

Unless you are a competition surfer, you do not know the mental aspects of this sport. It is important that individually and as a team that you don’t psyche yourself out even when you are competing against your friends. But when you are coming from a tiny town and going up against rich countries, big time surfers with BIG TIME sponsorship the mental aspect takes on a whole new burden to be dealt with. This mental game was one of the key focuses of coach Jose Urena.

Coach Jose Urena of the surfing Team Costa Rica talked about the mental aspects of competing against surfing stars during the 2008 Billabong World Surfing Games in Portugal. Coach Urena was quoted “It’s a matter of making them think that they can win against those guys… We’d make them believe in what skills they had and told them that sjust because they are from Costa Rica they shouldn’t underestimate themselves” More importantly, Team Costa Rica’s surfing coach said “As a matter of fact, they’ve got(surfing stars of the WCT & WQS) the same thing all the other have” Which is to say, they all have the same skills and just need to focus on that and not be intimidated.

You can be sure this blogger will continue to cover our local surfing champions with information and news about your favorite Costa Rican surfers. Don’t forget if you are visiting Costa Rica next year, Playa Jaco will be hosting the 2009 Billabong World Surfing Games in Playa Hermosa, not to be confused with Playa Hermosa in Guanacaste. Check back in this site for information about places to stay, other tidbits about this international event coming to sleept Jaco.

Pura Vida – Welcome to Surf in Jaco Costa Rica May 22

Once a sleepy and quiet farming town, Playa Jaco today is an international destination for surfers of all rank from all walks of life. As a result of the surfing attraction, Jaco’s infrastructure has been built up over the years to provide capacity for general tourism which has been the fastest segment of growth for Costa Rica in the last 5 years.

Today, the central pacific coast of Costa Rica is the fastest growing area in the country and this is a sweet and bitter event. Many town folk miss the “pura vida” ambience of the town and the beach which is now packed with hotels, resturants, shops, and people from all over the world. Other town folk are happy to see progress and technology brought to this area which has been under developed and incapable of maintaining the growing population of tico’s. As a result, power outages, inadequate water supply, medical care, water treatment, general policing of civilians has been under-served. With the increasing tourism revenues, the municipality called Garabito has been able to begin the needed upgrades to these deficient areas.

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Costa Rica Surfing – Playa Jaco – E4COSTARICA.COM Aug 11

Mini 1 day tournament featuring Gilbert Brown, Costa Rica National Surf Champion , Freddy “Salsiboy” Camacho, Professional Instructor, and challengers. Location, Jaco. Not the best waves today but the pros turned nothing into something special…

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