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Costa Rica Senoirs And Senoiritas Come Learn Spanish, Surf Or Yoga! Aug 23

Do you remember the fun filled family vacations of your youth? They were crammed with putt putt golf, go cart tracks, and shopping. You know the ones where your entire family returned home exhausted. Well these things were fine when you were ten but you are all grown up now. You want a vacation that is restful, relaxing, rejuvenating, rememberable, and stimulating. Now you can go to Costa Rica surf, yoga, or even take Spanish. You should consider the beautiful Costa Rica as a great place to have an enlightening educational vacation. The La Escuela Del Sol is a school in Costa Rica. Here you can enhance your vacationing experience by studying while you are abroad! Imagine it; you can actually say you studied abroad! While you are in Costa Rica surf, yoga or scuba! At the La Escuela Del Sol, you can make your Costa Rica vacation the true experience of a lifetime by studying Spanish, Scuba Certification, surf, yoga, or Poi (Spanish Fire Dancing). Just think you can come back home rested, revitalized and with a better education. You can choose from 1 week to 4 week courses. You can also choose different combinations of the courses offered. Perhaps Poi and Spanish or Surf and Yoga. The possibilities are endless. You can even earn college credit for your Spanish studies. There is a host school located in the United States that offers college credit to students of La Escuela Del Sol’s Spanish course. Check with the school for more detailed information. Scuba Certification is offered as well. The waters are beautiful, see thrilling marine life here in Costa Rica surf, yoga or scuba. You can of coarse take Scuba alone or in combination with Spanish, surf or yoga. You should book early to ensure enrollment. Poi or Spanish Fire Dancing will be something you can brag to your friends at home about and none of them will have a story so exciting. It may take a while to learn but when you have a bit of practice you will be able to do such steps as weaves, butterfly, buzz saw, thread the needle, stalls, behind the back weaves and turns. Surfing in Costa Rica holds a great experience for beginners, intermediate, and advance students. The beach offers a soft sandy safe bottom. So while you are in Costa Rica surf, yoga, scuba dive, or learn Poi. You are going to love it!

For an aesthetic experience about costa rica surf yoga and Travel to Costa Rica, LaEscuela is the best place to visit. Besides, Costa Rica gives you the chance to escape from your routine life. What are you waiting for pal?

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Costa rica surf and Spanish school Aug 18

Costa Rica is one of the foremost adventure capitals of the world. From watching active volcanoes spew fiery rocks into the air, to hiking, biking, zip lining and rafting. Costa Rica is a country rich and full of life. Perhaps more than anything, Costa Rica is famous for its surf. With hundreds of miles of coast line, Costa Rica surf has some of the most beautiful and biggest waves in the world. Small charming villages nestle themselves among sandy coves, while some of the larger coastal cities such as Jaco cater to hip young crowds that love fun!

People come for two main reasons, Costa Rica surf and Spanish school. Costa Rica has some of the best surfing in the world, and in a country that speaks mostly Spanish, where better to immerse yourself and learn. Costa Rica surf and Spanish school go hand in hand, when carving a wave nothing feels better then to help out “tremendo!” and know what it means!

Costa Rica is unlike any place on earth. Hot sunny days await along the coast, while higher in the mountains clouds wisp across lush forest held in eternal mist. The people of Costa Rica are amazing friendly. Warm and generous Costa Rican’s (or Tica’s as they call themselves) love teaching visitors about their country. With dozens of villages combining Costa Rica surf and Spanish school, everywhere you go will be amazing.

In Costa Rica you can immerse yourself in a world not your own. Whether climbing volcanoes, enjoying the Costa Rica surf and Spanish school, Costa Rica is truly a paradise. From locals to visitors alike life in Costa Rica slows down. You learn to enjoy the small things, beautiful sunsets, waves crashing against your face in the Costa Rica surf, or relaxing activities such as yoga and Tai Chi. Costa Rica is a place you’ll want to come again and again, it’s a place where you can try things you’ve never tried, learn things you’ve always wanted to, and live the good life, or as they say in Costa Rica Purda Vida!

For more information about costa rica surf and spanish school, visit the website at

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