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Another good trip by Joe Walsh Jun 16

Here I again sit in the airport, this time in San Jose Costa Rica. The last four days has been a whirlwind tour of Costa Rica. This last weekend we (the surf camp) hosted the CNS surf tournament in Tamarindo. Marcela and Hazel really did a good job at overseeing everything and helping coordinate with the CNS, the judges, the 911 radio station and their dj, Red Bull, etc etc. The party was pretty fun even though I wasn’t really in the mood. Its hard sometimes, when you live upstairs above everything. You are always on display, especially during big events. Without Holly and the boys being there I was focused on work, but more focused about leaving at 9am the next morning.

Sunday at 8am I was showering and throwing some clothes and other items into my bag and backpack, grabbed my surfboard and took off guiding a surf tour south to Mal Pais. I took Karen and Pam, multi return WRSC guests, plus three guys from Finland. Team Finland were awesome. I learned that #1 they received 4 hours of sunlight in the entire month of December and #2 they go balls out when they surf. Their only other surfing experience was taking a month off last year in Indonesia. Classic. Big Balls is Iso Moona in Finnish in case you were wondering. Funny enough that was the only Finnish I learned while with those guys. more…

Book Review of “Saltwater Buddha” by Jaimal Yogis Jan 18

saltwater-buddha-jaimal-yogisI find as I continue to live life, I am definite that there are no coincidences of events or experiences. There is something that is working underneath that shapes and teaches us and if we are willing to listen, we can learn much about ourselves. I also believe that these forces continue whether or not we are willing to acknowledge them. Many people share stories of epiphanies, I believe these are moments of clarity or as Jaimal Yogis describes in his book, “Saltwater Buddha” becoming “awake.” Some people purposely endeavor to become awake by studying Buddhism. Most people don’t study but I believe many people experience a “Buddhist” moment in their life and what they do with the experience defines their future lives and how they relate to the world around them. It is a fork in the road of life and all of us must make these decision many times whether we are “awake” or not.

I was asked to read the “Saltwater Buddha” and offer a review for the author. Initially, I was reluctant to begin as I am not a fan of reading PDF doc’s for leisure or study. I prefer to have my coffee, pillows arranged on the couch and the table close for my legs to rest on, with a physical book in my hands. However reluctant, I began reading and I was immediately captivated and soon forgot my creature comforts habits. Jaimal writes a story about a boy on a journey of self-discovery in the age of suburbia, Play Station, CD’s and MTV. He creates a character that is complex and unique, but it is the characters desires and dreams that creates a knowing connection immediately. On the most basic level, I believe all of us want to be happy, joyous, and free but with societal demands many never experience nor achieve all three simultaneously. Leaving us with a feeling in our gut that “something is missing?” and it is at these times many of us have these epiphanies. Saltwater Buddha is a journey of a boy who has this empty feeling and decides to not dream but live his dreams. I believe everyone can relate to this book because the experience is a human one and includes all age groups and both genders. more…

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