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I think I have the best job in the world Jun 01

I’m getting ready for Peru right now, packing my things. A late season southwest swell has formed and we’re expecting to surf Chicama, the LONGEST wave in the world. What does Chicama look like? The boards are all packed, there are 11 of us on this tour, 7 of us leaving from Costa Rica. Tomorrow we wake up at 330am, have a coffee, pack the boards on top, and drive 5 hours to San Jose to catch a flight to Lima.
I have the best job in the world. I am so lucky to call this work. From what I’ve seen over the years, when people make careers out of the things that they love, it normally ends up where they hate what they were initially passionate about. For me it is quite the opposite. I am more in love with surfing today than I was the day I set out to start Witch’s Rock Surf Camp. I’m so stoked to have gotten things at WRSC running to a point where I can branch off and offer these guided tours. I get to surf and provide for my family, its simply the best.
Expect a ton of pics and video of Peru this week, its going to be great.

Thanks to Joe Walsh and WRSC, THEY ROCK!!

long week by Joe Walsh May 29

Hola. I’ve had a friend in town, so I haven’t done any work. The surf was going off, so I was surfing. And drinking import beers that I bought from Automercado. I have responded to about 5% of my email. Sorry! I should get back on track this week, now that the surf is flat.

Here I am chilling with Soulwax, an electro/house band from Belgium . They played a big show in San Jose Saturday Oct. 18th and then came to Tamarindo for a few days. We showed them how to surf. I introduced them to Guaro. That was fun.

Happy is getting huge. He is taking a bottle now, hopefully my wife can take a break from having to wake up through the night. Now at least I can help feed the kid. He is really starting to like the guitar, always strumming it when I’m playing it and playing with it when its lying on the ground. We put Happy on a surfboard today for the first time. He loved it. more…

Book Review of “Saltwater Buddha” by Jaimal Yogis Jan 18

saltwater-buddha-jaimal-yogisI find as I continue to live life, I am definite that there are no coincidences of events or experiences. There is something that is working underneath that shapes and teaches us and if we are willing to listen, we can learn much about ourselves. I also believe that these forces continue whether or not we are willing to acknowledge them. Many people share stories of epiphanies, I believe these are moments of clarity or as Jaimal Yogis describes in his book, “Saltwater Buddha” becoming “awake.” Some people purposely endeavor to become awake by studying Buddhism. Most people don’t study but I believe many people experience a “Buddhist” moment in their life and what they do with the experience defines their future lives and how they relate to the world around them. It is a fork in the road of life and all of us must make these decision many times whether we are “awake” or not.

I was asked to read the “Saltwater Buddha” and offer a review for the author. Initially, I was reluctant to begin as I am not a fan of reading PDF doc’s for leisure or study. I prefer to have my coffee, pillows arranged on the couch and the table close for my legs to rest on, with a physical book in my hands. However reluctant, I began reading and I was immediately captivated and soon forgot my creature comforts habits. Jaimal writes a story about a boy on a journey of self-discovery in the age of suburbia, Play Station, CD’s and MTV. He creates a character that is complex and unique, but it is the characters desires and dreams that creates a knowing connection immediately. On the most basic level, I believe all of us want to be happy, joyous, and free but with societal demands many never experience nor achieve all three simultaneously. Leaving us with a feeling in our gut that “something is missing?” and it is at these times many of us have these epiphanies. Saltwater Buddha is a journey of a boy who has this empty feeling and decides to not dream but live his dreams. I believe everyone can relate to this book because the experience is a human one and includes all age groups and both genders. more…

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The 411 on 911 in Costa Rica Jan 07

Every year thousands of tourists visit Costa Rica with ideas of experiencing adventure, tropical rain forests, wild animals, and surfing. While the majority of these adventures are safe and relatively low risk, it is the alternative activities or spontaneous decisions that pose very high risks. What are some of these alternatives? Suffice to say, anything in which your participation when gone awry could cause grave injuries. Why?

While Costa Rica boasts the traditional 911 emergency number, it is nothing remotely similar to the USA, Canada, or European systems. To demonstrate differences, just a few basics about the other countries system: US,CA; rapid response under 10 minutes, stabilization for transport and trauma care at hospital, European;rapid response under 10 minutes, stabilization & trauma care brought to scene. All have Enhanced-911 services; callerID with physical address, coordinated radio command & control of fire-police-EMT. And all come equipped for the job.

In Costa Rica, while authorities may claim rapid response is a high priority it does not exist. Furthermore, the noted basics of the other countries systems does not exist here. When you dial 911 in Costa Rica, you are sent to a central office in San Jose where they attempt to coordinate a response.

Red Cross Central Operations upgraded in 2001 from donation by Japan

Red Cross Central Operations upgraded in 2001 from donation by Japan

Often, when they call the local Red Cross or Cruz Rojo there is no answer. If you become incapacitated during the call, no luck locating the origin of the call, hence, no location information. When a response is received and the Red Cross arrives they often are ill-equipped to deal with any emergency other than their training. Equipment is often non-functional, or non-existent and hospital transport can be upwards to 2 hours depending on your location and that meter begins after they arrive on the scene which can take up to an hour. more…

10 Best Surfs Spots on Earth Dec 07

1. Canary Islands – Spain

Lanzarote and Fuerteventura can often get crowded, but have a good selection of reef- and point-breaks. A yacht charter will take you to less accessible islands such as La Graciosa and Lobos, which have top-quality point-breaks for surfers of all abilities.

Consistently big swells from October to March.

On Lanzarote, the volcanic Timanfaya National Park and the spectacular views afforded by the Mirador del Río shouldn’t be missed. The Sahara-like sand dunes on the island of Fuerteventura are also worth seeing.


Ideal for everyone from complete beginners to experts. Surfers head here from all over the world for the late-summer swells, and several pro contests are held locally each year. Crowds can usually be avoided by travelling away from the main breaks.

August to October for warm water; Spring to avoid the crowds.

Villages and lakes leading up to the Côte d’Argent to the north; to the south, the historical Basque city of Bayonne, and the elegant resort of Biarritz. Inland, the Pyrenees visible from the coast are great for walking and mountain biking. more…

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