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Costa Rica Christmas Vacation Prices Slashed Jun 23

Been putting off your holiday plans? Read on for a solution!

Fancy spending Christmas on the beach? How about New Years on a sunset cruise, or toasting with your spouse in a one bedroom bungalow on the pristine Nosara coastline? If you are still looking for a tropical Christmas getaway, a holiday jaunt to Costa Rica is still within reach! Despite the discouraging impression a quick scan of hotel availability pages might give you, Costa Rican Vacations reserved their holiday inventory months in advance for last minute shoppers just like you. Now, the luxury travel agency has slashed prices, offering discounts between and 0 on all their Last Minute Holiday Availabilities.

Costa Rica has always been a favorite destination to visit during the holidays thanks to its close proximity to the United States, along with the ideal Christmas climate, which coincides with the beginning of the Costa Rican summer. With tourism being one of the country’s largest industries, you won’t be welcomed by closed doors, restaurants and shops either. Costa Rica thrives over the holiday season, catering to visitors and residents alike who want to take advantage of the great weather and vacation days from work to explore this beautiful country.

Want to start the New Year off right with the tranquil atmosphere at the Nosara Harmony Hotel, where organic meals, yoga lessons and fresh air and ocean breezes will leave you feeling truly rejuvenated? Why not try a spa room at the Xandari Plantation resort, an eclectic hotel that is a great retreat for the nature lover.

Also on the menu for a perfect holiday season are hotel packages that will have you enjoying a full week in your own luxury condo in the Los Sueños Resort Community. With 0 to 0 off, it is hard to say ‘no’ to the idea of having the entire resort at your disposal, with 5-star restaurants, an international marina, casino and more!

For the busybody among you, the all-inclusive stay at Reserva Conchal for four nights over Christmas is the perfect getaway to recharge your batteries in indulgent luxury while hardly missing a beat back at home. Of course the 0 discount won’t hurt either!

All these options and more can be found on Costa Rican Vacation’s Last Minute Holiday Availabilities web page. Act now and you can still snag some great flight prices, like a 0 round trip out of Miami during peak season. With dropping prices on flights to Costa Rica along with these great savings, it would appear that the stars have aligned to make your tropical holiday dreams a reality.

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Surf Blogging by Joe Walsh Jun 15

I’m back in Tamarindo, today was a long day. Actually it has been a long week. In the last seven days I hosted the CNS Red Bull surf contest at the surf camp, led a surf tour to Santa Teresa, Playa Hermosa de Jaco, and then San Jose. I flew to Orlando to the surf expo, back again to Costa Rica three days later. As soon as I landed back at the surf camp I had back to back meetings. At least they were with cool people. I’m tired though.

Check out the swell model I just pulled from wetsand right now:

I heard a rumor that there were some sets coming in at sunset. I’m pretty sure from what I saw downstairs that everyone is going out partying, hence no dawn patrol. Not me… I’m going surfing early tomorrow morning, I’ve already got my board ready… super excited like when I was a kid.. probably because I haven’t surfed in a few days. more…

Costa Rica High Season is a HIT! Jun 13

With the USA and western Europe economy suffering the worst economic depression ever recorded, the Costa Rican tourism officials had their fingers crossed entering the start of High Season.  The ICT which is the official agency that promotes tourism here in Costa Rica made a public relations event out of the 2,000,000th customer visting here.

Many hotels and industry have been hurting in Jaco as a result of the lower tourist numbers but most agree that their real money comes in during the high season. So everyone in Jaco was crossing their fingers and hoping it would be equal to last year at least. But if you are a regular here in Jaco you know the tourists are here in droves. Even the nationals are visiting Jaco in large numbers since the national schools are on vacation.

Chuck from WOW Surf told me last week that he is very busy and is not complaining. Taco Bar, a local favorite, serves fresh fish tacos has been jammed the past few days as tourists feast on the salad buffet and fresh fish. Even the shops that sell anything from a fish comb to ceramic wind chimes have been selling their wares to eager tourists.

I wish I could say the municipality was ready for this but they were not. Luckily for Jaco, tourists do not factor this when deciding whether or not to visit us. But the muni could have waited to dig up the “Pop’s” calle until after the high season instead of leaving it as a dirt road filling the main street with plenty of dust that tourists have to cover their mouths and shield their eyes when near. Jaco’s, Chinese funded, park is still not complete while tourists try and shoot photos of the large Iguanas that used to inhabit the refuge.

Check back next week for our new photo gallery and virtual tours of Costa Rica’s most famous tourist attractions.

long week by Joe Walsh May 29

Hola. I’ve had a friend in town, so I haven’t done any work. The surf was going off, so I was surfing. And drinking import beers that I bought from Automercado. I have responded to about 5% of my email. Sorry! I should get back on track this week, now that the surf is flat.

Here I am chilling with Soulwax, an electro/house band from Belgium . They played a big show in San Jose Saturday Oct. 18th and then came to Tamarindo for a few days. We showed them how to surf. I introduced them to Guaro. That was fun.

Happy is getting huge. He is taking a bottle now, hopefully my wife can take a break from having to wake up through the night. Now at least I can help feed the kid. He is really starting to like the guitar, always strumming it when I’m playing it and playing with it when its lying on the ground. We put Happy on a surfboard today for the first time. He loved it. more…

Top 10 Reasons to Spend Christmas in Costa Rica May 28

Santa on the Beach
With Costa Rican Vacation’s Last Minute Availabilities – There’s No Excuse not to!

The Holiday Season is a double whammy in Costa Rica – when vacation days mix with the beginning of the dry season, it’s not hard to find a reason to celebrate no matter your faith. With forecasts of blue skies and refreshing “Christmas winds”, many people stuck in the snow covered north start to look longingly to their neighbor to the south for a bit of relief. To help you plan your Christmas vacation at the beach, Costa Rican Vacations, a luxury travel agency located in San Jose, has just announced its Last Minute Holiday Availabilities. These spots traditionally run out quickly, so take a look and you might find yourself saying “Feliz Navidad” this Dec. 25. If you still undecided, read on for some great reasons to spend your holiday vacation in the sun. more…

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