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Chicama – Peru Jun 02

OK…. I haven’t been on the computer barely at all this week, not much internet here in the middle of nowhere. Here are some early pics of some of the waves we got on this tour to Peru. We’ve been in Chicama for three days surfing a pretty fun swell. It hasn’t been huge but definitely fun, and EMPTY. This south swell was really late, normally there aren’t any souths in November. We got really lucky. I’ll write more later :-)

Thanks to Joe Walsh and WRSC, THEY ROCK!!

Peru update Jun 02

Peru Surf Tour Day #3

Kent, to answer your question, I’ll have pics up as soon as I find
Internet that lasts more than 5 minutes. Maybe tomorrow? We are
traveling through the middle of nowhere (no wifi hotspots like WRSC)

I love Peru because when you surf here, instead of hoping for big
waves, you hope it isn’t too big to surf. We timed this trip
perfectly. The swell hit this morning, waves are head high plus at
protected spots, much bigger at the beach breaks and more exposed
points. The swell has just started to hit, it could get really big…

We’re driving to Chicama tonight, the equivalent of driving from San
Diego to San Francisco except for the barron desert expanse. Tomorrow
late morning we should be surfing the world’s longest wave. I love my
job :-)

Thanks to Joe Walsh and WRSC, THEY ROCK!!

I think I have the best job in the world Jun 01

I’m getting ready for Peru right now, packing my things. A late season southwest swell has formed and we’re expecting to surf Chicama, the LONGEST wave in the world. What does Chicama look like? The boards are all packed, there are 11 of us on this tour, 7 of us leaving from Costa Rica. Tomorrow we wake up at 330am, have a coffee, pack the boards on top, and drive 5 hours to San Jose to catch a flight to Lima.
I have the best job in the world. I am so lucky to call this work. From what I’ve seen over the years, when people make careers out of the things that they love, it normally ends up where they hate what they were initially passionate about. For me it is quite the opposite. I am more in love with surfing today than I was the day I set out to start Witch’s Rock Surf Camp. I’m so stoked to have gotten things at WRSC running to a point where I can branch off and offer these guided tours. I get to surf and provide for my family, its simply the best.
Expect a ton of pics and video of Peru this week, its going to be great.

Thanks to Joe Walsh and WRSC, THEY ROCK!!

OBAMA Jun 01

Its funny, watching CNN, then comparing their notes to FOX. CBS and NBC have their own info, also different. I guess this means I’m an adult, as Holly and I are drinking beer and watching the elections. This Presidential race will be over after today and the world can move on.

Thanks to Joe Walsh!!

“Witches Rock Surf Camp” Sales Position update May 31

Thank you to everyone who applied for the WRSC Sales Manager position, and congratulations to Larry McKinney. Larry will be at WRSC in a few days and will officially start work on Monday November 10th. Please feel free to crank call him by calling the WRSC Hotline: 1-888-318-SURF
Welcome to your new job Larry! The dude gets 2 hour surf breaks for lunch, not bad!

Hey Chris Brown, this is the most epic photo I’ve seen in a while, I think. What exactly am I looking at? It just doesn’t make any sense to me!

Gotta love facebook for things like that. Anyways, my banker called me to tell me my bank was closing, so I guess I can say sorry to everyone I recommended to Banco Cuscatlan. It all-of-a-sudden closed on Friday, my online banking is down, the bank isn’t opening on Monday, or ever for that matter. Hmmm…. Ok…… No matter what I’m never going back to Banco Nacional, they are the devil. Seems like all banks suck these days. More than anything, I am sick to death of politics. I can’t wait for it to be over. When I left for Costa Rica Bill Clinton was president and the worst thing going on was a blowjob in the Oval Office. Now its way out of hand. Normally I’d bury myself in the football season but the Chargers aren’t making it easy on me. Thank mother nature for surfing. Thank you mother ocean :-) When my wife hates on me, you bring me waves. When my kids drive me nuts, I go surf and remember why I have kids in the first place. You are free, and you make me feel free. The more I surf the more I love to surf and the more I love the ocean. In appreciation of you, mother ocean, I’ve started growing a 70′s soul mustache and I will make it my mission to convert every surfer friend I know to grow their soul stache. Soulstache. Longboard Fever. I’m going surfing.

Thanks to Joe Walsh and Witches Rock Surf Camp!!

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