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Shrimp Fishing and Permethrin? Jul 05

small-shrimp-fishing-boatWhat does Shrimp fishing and permethrin have to do with surfing? Well, nothing and everything. We surf in the ocean where the shrimp live. Many surfers here in Costa Rica have favorite surf spots that are located at the mouths of the many rivers that feed the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. In nature, Shrimp love the river mouths because they bring food that the shrimp love to eat.

What we just found out today is that the Costa Rican government has taken away the privilege of veterinarians to sell permethrin. “Why would they do this?” we asked.  It appears that shrimp fisherman have been using the insecticide to kill shrimp in the ocean as an easier way to collect the shrimp rather by traditional means. It also appears that the Costa Rican government has been aware of this for quite awhile. Their solution has been to prevent veterinarians from selling this insecticide when used as directed is safe and very effective in the control of fleas and ticks on animals and in locations in and around the areas where animals live, which includes our homes. more…

Street Crossing in Costa Rica Jun 18

This has to be the best video produced in a long time about Costa Rica. Many thanks to Peter Krupa for producing this.

Costa Rica’s Unemployment Ruse Jun 17

san-jose-costa-ricaAccording to the latest numbers, 15,000 people lost their jobs in Costa Rica during the month of December 2008 . Business closings and reduced revenue due to lower international consumer spending are the main reasons. Simply listen to the latest newscast and you will hear about worldwide job loss and rising unemployment in the economic superpowers. Costa Rica depends mostly on tourism for its revenue but it has reached out in the past to attract manufacturers to augment that revenue. But that is not even a good hedge bet today, Sylvania announced it will be closing its plant in Pavas, leaving another 200 josefinos unemployed.

Unfortunately, business closings will not stop with the Sylvania plant. Leading economists are predicting the cliche “things are expected to get worse before they get better.”  Many in the international banking business say the economic downturn will last more than two years. Last year, Costa Rica’s unemployment level was near 5% and in 2009 is expected to rise to 6%.

In an thinly veiled attempt to reduce the economic downturn effects on job loss, UCCAEP, Costa Rica’s union of private businesses said it will be presenting a bill to congress called the “Law of Employment Protection in Moments of Crisis”. Their proposed law would present temporary changes to the more…

san jose costa rica
Publicity Train Ride Derails Tico Style Jun 07

The Minor Accident Highlighted Shortfalls in the New Rail Route.

The long awaited commuter train between Heredia and San Jose met with a nearly disastrous inauguration when one of the cars derailed with President Oscar Arias, members of his cabinet and various journalists aboard. The incident occurred the morning of Friday, Dec. 12 just 25 meters before the bridge over the Virilla River.

This same section of railroad has negative past after an accident back in 1926, deemed the “Virilla Tragedy”, cost the lives of 249 people. The President of the Costa Rican rail system (Incofer) explained that a wheel got stuck in a double rail at a railroad junction. No one was injured in the incident, though it did not paint a positive picture for the future of the route. more…

Supreme Court reverses portions of Domestic Violence law May 23

On Thursday November 13th, the Sala IV constitutional court in a split decision overturned two key provisions of a controversial Domestic Violence law designed to protect women. The Sala IV is Costa Rica’s equivilant of the U.S. Supreme Court.

The first section overturned, provided six months to 2 years prison sentence for anyone who attacks or physically harms a wife or live-in companion when the event was too minor to be handled by other criminal laws. For anyone who understands email managment, this is Costa Rica’s version of the “catch-all” email address. If you cannot find what to do with it, send it to the “catch-all” account. For those who follow human rights abuses, this law when enacted provided prosecutors with an easy way to convict people without burdening them with rules of evidence.

The second section overturned, provided the same sentencing rules for someone who insults, devalues, frightens or embarrasses a wife or female companion in public or in private. If you grew up in a family where older brothers or sisters harrassed you, you might describe yourself as having “thick skin.” When this law was enacted, womans groups hailed it as the Holy Grail for woman in Costa Rica. more…

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