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Another Costa Rican Earthquake Rocks Jaco Jun 27

Just after everyone was getting back to normal after this mornings earthquake, and a little aftershock another big earthquake this afternoon got those nerves jumping again. This time it is the same region but slightly inland, so I am not sure if this is an aftershock or a separate plate displaced by the this mornings event. So far they have given this one a 5.9 magnitude.

Again, this quake had the un-nerving lateral movement like you are walking on a hanging bridge. These two big quakes have been smooth in the sense of the lateral movement would slow down when it reached the edge of the wave and then return in a smooth way. The earthquake on Jan. 8th was lateral but very short and rapid lateral movements which is very damaging. Any surfer who has had a big wave close on them and put them through the “rinse cycle” knows what the fast lateral movements feel like.

Here is the map location of the latest:

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Earthquake Hits Pacific Coast in Costa Rica Jun 26

UPDATE: New reports indicate that the magnitude was 5.7 but USGS said it was 5.9

Around 11:25 Central America time, a long and powerful earthquake rocked the surfing beach town of Jaco, Costa Rica. This quake was a very powerful lateral slide that moved near 6 inches back and forth. When the earthquake hits, I ran outside to see all of the electrical poles swaying back and forth along with people running out of their homes.

Costa Rica was hit by a powerful quake on Jan. 8th which was a 6.1, this one felt much more powerful than that and was of much longer duration. This quake was definitely in the making because for the past week there was small lateral movements each day. Currently the news is stating this is the same magnitude that hits us in January.

Check back for more details, you can see the location of the quake epicenter below.
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Costa Rica is jolted by another 6.1 Earthquake Jun 25

Initial readings say the epicenter was located in the San Carlos region, 22 miles NW of San Jose, Costa Rica. The actual coordinates for the epicenter are 10.220°N, 84.280°W, if you have a GPS or Google map service you can use these to view the location.pacific_map-tsunami-costa-rica

Here on the beach some people like me stay tuned to the NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center and while I physically felt the earthquake with the usual feeling of standing on a rope span bridge, I am glad to say that NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center was immediately updated and notified me in seconds. I love how technology and real life can be meshed to create a safer world. more…

Costa Rica Christmas Vacation Prices Slashed Jun 23

Been putting off your holiday plans? Read on for a solution!

Fancy spending Christmas on the beach? How about New Years on a sunset cruise, or toasting with your spouse in a one bedroom bungalow on the pristine Nosara coastline? If you are still looking for a tropical Christmas getaway, a holiday jaunt to Costa Rica is still within reach! Despite the discouraging impression a quick scan of hotel availability pages might give you, Costa Rican Vacations reserved their holiday inventory months in advance for last minute shoppers just like you. Now, the luxury travel agency has slashed prices, offering discounts between and 0 on all their Last Minute Holiday Availabilities.

Costa Rica has always been a favorite destination to visit during the holidays thanks to its close proximity to the United States, along with the ideal Christmas climate, which coincides with the beginning of the Costa Rican summer. With tourism being one of the country’s largest industries, you won’t be welcomed by closed doors, restaurants and shops either. Costa Rica thrives over the holiday season, catering to visitors and residents alike who want to take advantage of the great weather and vacation days from work to explore this beautiful country.

Want to start the New Year off right with the tranquil atmosphere at the Nosara Harmony Hotel, where organic meals, yoga lessons and fresh air and ocean breezes will leave you feeling truly rejuvenated? Why not try a spa room at the Xandari Plantation resort, an eclectic hotel that is a great retreat for the nature lover.

Also on the menu for a perfect holiday season are hotel packages that will have you enjoying a full week in your own luxury condo in the Los Sueños Resort Community. With 0 to 0 off, it is hard to say ‘no’ to the idea of having the entire resort at your disposal, with 5-star restaurants, an international marina, casino and more!

For the busybody among you, the all-inclusive stay at Reserva Conchal for four nights over Christmas is the perfect getaway to recharge your batteries in indulgent luxury while hardly missing a beat back at home. Of course the 0 discount won’t hurt either!

All these options and more can be found on Costa Rican Vacation’s Last Minute Holiday Availabilities web page. Act now and you can still snag some great flight prices, like a 0 round trip out of Miami during peak season. With dropping prices on flights to Costa Rica along with these great savings, it would appear that the stars have aligned to make your tropical holiday dreams a reality.

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Street Crossing in Costa Rica Jun 18

This has to be the best video produced in a long time about Costa Rica. Many thanks to Peter Krupa for producing this.

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