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Support with pingbacks or trackbacks Jun 10

Here is a simple way to support surfing sites such as this one. If you like the content and want to support it by a pingback follow the instructions below.

If you wanted to ‘pingback’ this blog entry, then you would simply blog about this page on your own blog and link to this page within your content.

If you’re using WordPress and it’s set to notify the blogs linked in your content, then it would ping me back.

There is no special URL necessary when using pingback. Just the entry’s permanent link which is the URL if you select the title of the blog post.

Bear in mind, this only works for blogs that have pingback enabled (usually WordPress blogs), otherwise you will need to manually trackback. For more information about pingbacks and trackbacks, check out this informative tutorial on how to do this. Plus the author will allow you to test your new skills with his blog or you can do the same with my site.

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