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Carlos Munoz Sweeps CNS Surf Contest in Santa Teresa Mar 11

carlos-munoz-cns-playa-carmen-costa-ricaOnce again, Carlos Munoz, the young star surfer out of Esterillos, Costa Rica who is only 16 years old won not only his category but swept them all. Carlos Munoz, who was picked up by Volcom not along ago won the Boys, Junior and Open categories during the fifth meeting of CNS DayStar COPA. This last weekend’s event was called the COPA Day & Night and took place in the beautiful Costa Rican surf spot Santa Teresa. Jose Urena said the showing of tourist and nationals to this fifth event demonstrates Costa Rica’s maturity in the international surfing community.  With Carlos, winning the open category this sets the stage for the final battle for national surf champion in Playa Hermosa on May 1 between Jason Torres and Federico Pilurzu. more…

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Jairo Perez beats Jason Torres in Nosara, Costa Rica Feb 10

jairo-perez-costa-rican-surfer-by-fabian-sanchez1Big news this weekend out of Playa Guiones in Nosara, Costa Rica where the fourth leg of the CNS or Circuito Nacional de Surf for national championship was held. Jairo Perez beat Jason Torres who is the leader of the 2008-2009 DayStar’s CNS Tournament. Jason and Jairo both Jaco natives have known each other all of their lives, and have seen each other grow in their surfing skills. The powerful showing of Jairo whose determination proved he has what is takes to be national champion surprised fans and sponsors too.

While Jason Torres is still favored to win the entire circuit and become the next Costa Rican surf champion, he must have felt chilled seeing his Jaco buddy steal the show in the 5 foot plus waves in Nosara, Costa Rica. Many surf vacation hotels, Costa Rica surf camps located in Nosara were filled this past weekend as fans flocked from all over Costa Rica and other countries to see this contest which is proving to be a real climatic event. more…

Nosara, Costa Rica Surf National Contest Feb 02

Lisbeth Vindas 6 time CNS Champion

If you are a lover of surfing or visit Costa Rica to learn how to surf, you will not want to miss out on the next leg of the National Surf Circuit which will take place in Nosara which is located on the Nicoya penisula in Guanacaste. 

But do not worry if you are in Jaco, a high speed boat shuttle operates out of the Los Suenos Marina which will get you there in one hour and back for dinner in Jaco.  The cost is around $30 each way and is not a bad deal when you consider the amount of time you will save and the ocean journey you embark on. Who knows you might get lucky and see a school of Dolphins which hang out offshore the central pacific coast of Costa Rica.

This next leg in the competition is third to last for the national surfers competing for the top seed in Costa Rica. After Nosara, the following two remaining legs will be in Santa Teresa and then the finals here in Playa Hermosa just outside Jaco and also the future location of the 2009 Billabong World Surfing Games.

Check back to see the latest roster standings for this coming weekend.

Costa Rica’s Witch’s Rock Surf Tournament Jan 17

jair-perez-costa-rican-surferLast weekend in Tamarindo, Costa Rica the third leg of the Costa Rica National Surf Circuit 2008 – 2009 took place. This national surf circuit consists of surfers from all over Costa Rica and holds mulitple contests in Costa Rican surf spots like Jaco, Playa Hermosa, Witch’s Rock, Ollies Point, Playa Nosara, Santa Teresa, and Pavones. Each year the Costa Rican surf locations change for this event but the remaining legs will take place at Nosara, Teresa, and then Hermosa. The eventuality of competing in this circuit is to win the national title plus hopefully win a spot on the National Team which will host the 2009 Billabong World Surfing Games Costa Rica later this year in August. This is a biggest professional surf event yet for Tico’s who will get a chance to meet international sponsors and grab the spotlight on their own turf.

There is a lot riding on the WSG 2009 in Costa Rica since it is the International Surfing Association(ISA) first event and the first sponsored event by Billabong in the ISA which has primarily sponsored ASP events. It is so important that ISA’s managing director for this event, Stephanie Keith is already here watching how Costa Rica handles itself in its organization of surf events. It is reported that so far she is impressed with the the CNS ability to be organized and promote its event.


From left, Diego Naranjo, Nataly Bernold, Jason Torres, Jair Perez, and Gilbert Brown

Results of the third leg called the Witch’s Rock Surf Tournament or Torneo Witch’s Rock by Tico’s were not unexpected. Jason Torres from Jaco, Costa Rica finished first and it was his second first place of a total of six events  in the men’s Open category. The remaining legs will take place in Playa Nosara, Santa Teresa, and then the finals in Playa Hermosa. All of these surf spots are favorites of surf vacationers and professionals from around the world who visit Costa Rica each year.

Also, finishing in first place was Nataly Bernold from Jaco who beat six time champ Lisbeth Vindas, wife of champion surfer Diego Naranjo, who finished in second place.

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